Friday, 21 September 2012

Train Simulator 2013 - Torch Function

Anyone who has created a night scenario will be able to sympathise with others in a similar situation. Particularly since TS2012, where more realistic weather patterns were progressively added, this resulted in a difficulty when making night based scenarios, it was too dark to see! This made it especially difficult to find consists you had placed, particularly in rural areas and it was hard to make adjustments. There were workarounds, one would be to increase the brightness on your monitor, or another would be to actually create the scenario in daylight hours, then use third party software to convert the scenario to night time along with the timings of all of your stock. Now there is no need.......

Torch Function

With the release of TS2013, we now have a torch function which enables you to, well, see in the dark. Very simple to use, this feature is enormously effective and can also aid route building at night in order to maximise the effect of placement of night lighting.

In the first screenshot below, we have a train stood in the scenario editor at night. As you can see (or can't), the train is nearly impossible to locate and even thought there is a driver icon above the train, you wouldn't know it. Imagine trying to relocate this train whilst creating a scenario!


In order to now see what is lurking in the darkness, you can use the torch function which will light up in the vicinity of where you are located.

Lo and behold, we can now see what we are doing.

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