Thursday, 5 June 2014

East Coast Mainline: North East – Announcement 2 of 2

In the previous announcement, I discussed the ceasing of updates to East Coast Mainline: North East, and the complete removal of the 'Early Access' version. This does not mean that development of the route will cease, not at all, things are just going to get a bit more exciting.

Following the removal of the 'Early Access' version of the route from the Steam Workshop, I will then start the process of modifying that version ready for an upload to the DPSimulation website. Initially, it will be available only to those who have the 'Early Access', most likely by way of access to a specially created page behind a password. This allows those who had obtained 'Early Access' to take a look at the new version of the route, complete with custom content, and allow me to have the installation process throughly tested before it is made available to everyone.

As well as the initial introduction of custom content to the route, this new version will also include a further track and scenery update to an as yet un-named, but well requested location. Custom content will include noticeable lineside structures such as the already seen Newport Bridge, station improvements by way of replacement and new clutter and replacement/new station signage plus much, much more.

Making this move will mean that development of the route will become much easier for me as I progress. Currently, the process of trying to make the route look prototypical whilst using a limited pool of assets has become more difficult mile by mile, especially as I start to add new stations. Having the ability to use custom content will allow me to simply create an object as and when I need it and then the objects can be simply added to the next update for users to download.

If you aren't asleep by now, thankyou for reading this and I hope I have explained my reasoning enough for you to understand why this is a step that has to be taken. The restrictive practice currently in place does not work as I intended it to, and taking a new direction will allow me to develop the route into something that I had a vision for when I first took on the project.

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  1. Great news as the workshop restrictions aren't really suitable to routes. I will unsubscribe now and download the website version instead.