Sunday, 27 July 2014

East Coast Mainline: North East - Early Access V1.2

I have now uploaded V1.2 of the East Coast Mainline: North East route to a password protected area of the DPSimulation website for those with early access. The changelog is as follows:

* Added new section between Newcastle and Swalwell Junction including speed limits, signalling and full scenery. Custom assets included for MetroCentre Station and Scotswood Bridge.

* Added various new models in their initial stage with base textures. These include Angel Of The North, St James Park Stadium, Milennium Bridge and Sage Centre.

* Added new custom cable trough asset, new trackside clutter assets and further foliage variation to the Tees Valley line.

* Track directionality fix on the Up Main at Heaton, services are now not automatically routed via the yard.

* Added track and scenery fixes in the Newcastle area to facilitate the new extension.

* Basic Quick Drive added to and from the new extension.

Early access is given by way of thanks to those who have made a donation to DPSimulation in order to support the costs in running an ever expanding and primarily free website for all to use.

For anyone who wishes to make a donation and wants this access (not everyone does, some just want to donate), once the donation is made, you will need to then fill in a 'Contact Us' form, found at the bottom of the DPSimulation website giving me your Steam username. There is no minimum donation, all I request is that people are sensible, given that Paypal like to take a rather large cut of all donations given.

They will then receive a follow up email (usually within minutes depending on the time of day) detailing their access instructions. 


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