Friday, 20 March 2015

New Class 45 Repaint Released

I have just uploaded the latest repaint to the DPSimulation website courtesy of Richard Fletcher. The following is from Richard's readme...

Reskin of the Class 45 DLC as 45144 in two guises - one with original cast nameplates, and the second as in it's final years as allocated to Tinsley, with painted names, TI crests and depot 'Snail' - plus a (currently) non-working headlight.

Some bodyside grilles and boiler tank steps have also been plated over as per the prototype, and I have also reskinned the cabview, initially to get shot of the Class 46 ammeter but I ended up re-doing most of it by the time I had finished.

This repaint can be downloaded from the locomotives section of Richard's page by clicking here.

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