Wednesday, 30 July 2014

HST & Mk3 Repaints Now Released

I am pleased to announce some further uploads to the DPSimulation website, courtesy of Richard Fletcher.

Utilising both the ECMLS HST and the older Oovee Buffer version, there is an HST/DVT power car pack in Intercity Swallow livery. In addition and utilising only the Oovee Buffer pack, there are a selection of Mk3 HST trailer vehicles in the same livery.

Finally, Richard has also created a scenario for East Coast Mainline: North East that utilises the all new Newcastle to MetroCentre section. This scenario is available for all who have early access, and is located on the same password protected page as the route. Once the first release version of the route is ready, the scenario will be moved to the normal ECMLNE scenario page for everyone to download.

Download the repaints now by clicking here.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

East Coast Mainline: North East - Early Access V1.2

I have now uploaded V1.2 of the East Coast Mainline: North East route to a password protected area of the DPSimulation website for those with early access. The changelog is as follows:

* Added new section between Newcastle and Swalwell Junction including speed limits, signalling and full scenery. Custom assets included for MetroCentre Station and Scotswood Bridge.

* Added various new models in their initial stage with base textures. These include Angel Of The North, St James Park Stadium, Milennium Bridge and Sage Centre.

* Added new custom cable trough asset, new trackside clutter assets and further foliage variation to the Tees Valley line.

* Track directionality fix on the Up Main at Heaton, services are now not automatically routed via the yard.

* Added track and scenery fixes in the Newcastle area to facilitate the new extension.

* Basic Quick Drive added to and from the new extension.

Early access is given by way of thanks to those who have made a donation to DPSimulation in order to support the costs in running an ever expanding and primarily free website for all to use.

For anyone who wishes to make a donation and wants this access (not everyone does, some just want to donate), once the donation is made, you will need to then fill in a 'Contact Us' form, found at the bottom of the DPSimulation website giving me your Steam username. There is no minimum donation, all I request is that people are sensible, given that Paypal like to take a rather large cut of all donations given.

They will then receive a follow up email (usually within minutes depending on the time of day) detailing their access instructions. 


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Coming Soon

An all new extension for East Coast Mainline: North East is coming soon to DPSimulation for Train Simulator 2014.

Highly detailed and featuring all new custom assets, this extension stretches from Newcastle to Swalwell Junction via MetroCentre, allowing services to terminate and reverse before heading back towards Newcastle and beyond.

Friday, 25 July 2014

New Repaint Uploaded

I have just uploaded an all new repaint to the DPSimulation website on behalf of Richard Fletcher.

The upload in question is GB Railfreight Class 66 locomotive 66709 'Sorrento', it requires the RSC Freightliner V2 Class 66 locomotive from the Steam Store, and includes a specially created custom 3D nameplate .

This fantastic repaint can be downloaded from the dedicated Richard Fletcher page by clicking here.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Shop Til' You Drop V2

I did show a model on this very blog for this location a long, long time ago, for a different route that was being worked on. As this was back in my early days of modelling, there were several inaccuracies and it wasn't as polished as it could have been.

I've now created a completely new model based on the near present day variation of the station, and am reasonably happy as to how it has turned out...

Thursday, 17 July 2014

All DPSimulation Scenarios For A Fiver!

For a limited time only, use the code ALLFOR5 in your basket when purchasing the scenario multipack and pay only £5, a saving of nearly £8! With nearly 40 scenarios, this is a deal that cannot be missed! 

As ever, all proceeds from DPSimulation scenario packs are used directly to fund the expanding content available from the site so not only do you get a great deal, you help the site to grow as well!

Click here to visit the store now. Offer ends Monday 21st July at 9am BST.

Friday, 11 July 2014

East Coast Mainline: North East - Middlesbrough to Darlington Preview

Uploaded courtesy of GamesNexxt, a video showing the portion of the Tees Valley line between Middlesbrough and Darlington.

Apologies for the poor capture quality, the use of video recording software always takes away system resources and I had to adjust settings accordingly. Also please accept my apologies for the bout of stuttering near Allens West, it should not detract from the overall enjoyment of the video.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Route - Strawberry Line

I am pleased to announce the release of a new route at DPSimulation, 'The Strawberry Line' by Vern Moorhouse. Vern explains more.....

'This route is a scaled up version of the 5" gauge Strawberry Line Miniature Railway, located in the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park at Keynsham, near Bristol UK. This is a concept I've been wanting to experiment with for some time in a train sim and I'm quite pleased with the results. The route is effectively a dog-bone which folds back on itself twice. Scaled up to Standard Gauge, one circuit comes out at just under 4 miles. Due to the low speed I have not used transition curves or superelevation (cant) and while the main line is fully signalled I have not provided AWS or TPWS.'

The route requires both the European Loco & Asset Pack and the Isle Of Wight DLC, both available from Steam.

Thanks to Vern for creating this very pleasing and picturesque little route, and also for allowing DPSimulation to host.

The route can be downloaded from by following this link.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Reboot Sale!

Following several emails during the past week or so from people who missed the DPSimulation sale due to either being on holiday or spending too much in the Steam sale, I have started the 'Summer Reboot' sale for this week only until Friday 11th July at 10am BST.

All separate packs have a massive 33% discount applied. Alternatively, if you purchase the scenario multipack, use the code SUMMERREBOOT in the basket to receive a massive 50% discount and receive all scenario packs for just £6.49!

With a wide variety of scenario packs to choose from, there may be something that interests you, with both modern and period tastes catered for including the very well received 'SP05' which combines BR Blue traction on a completely overhauled Newcastle to York route! 

As ever, all packs are sold on a 'not for profit' basis and all proceeds are used to help fund the growing library of free content so visit the DPSimulation store now and pick up a bargain!

Approaching Ferryhill on the East Coast Main Line.  'SP05'
37229 awaits departure time at Carlisle.  'SP08'
A Class 91 at Carlisle during the Tyne Valley diversions.  'SP06'
92003 prepares to depart Polmadie with empty sleeper stock.   'SP06'

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Test Train Saturday

I have just uploaded a bumper new selection of repaints to the DPSimulation website on behalf of Richard Fletcher.

Firstly, we have three repaints, 37405, 37409 & 37667, of the Class 37 locomotive included with Portsmouth Direct Line and all in DRS livery, one of which also includes a custom made 3D nameplate.

Next we have a set of Mk2e coach repaints in Network Rail livery. These require the Mk2e Coach Pack from Armstrong Powerhouse. As this pack was recently updated to make way for the new DBSO, these repaints have not been tested on an older version of these coaches .

Finally, we have another Network Rail coach repaint, this time using an ex Royal Train vehicle and this requires the Class 67 Diamond Jubilee pack from Steam. There are also optional instructions included with this pack to make modifications to these coaches but this is not essential. Use of this optional instruction is done so at your own risk.

They can all be downloaded from the dedicated Richard Fletcher page by clicking here.

East Coast Mainline: North East - Early Access

I have now started to send out the details via email for access to the new version of East Coast Mainline: North East to those who have applied so far. Those who had early access on Steam cannot be automatically moved over, they must contact me again using the address below.

Early Access is provided as a way of thanks to those who have donated to DPSimulation in order to help with costs towards funding the growing library of content. If you have previously donated and would like to receive access, then send your Steam username via the address below, the same applies to anyone who has not donated yet, but wishes to do so.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Colas Rail Class 70 Released

It's been a few days since the last release, so here is a cracker from Mr Fletcher, a Class 70 in Colas Rail livery. It can be downloaded, as ever, from the following page and obviously requires the Class 70 locomotive from the Steam store.

I have also uploaded three new scenarios from Peter Hill (lighthousepoet), called 'Back Shift', which all make use of the scenario chaining feature, meaning they can be either used separately, or will load consecutively on the completion of each part. The first part replaces the '1L60' scenario that was on the website for WCML Over Shap, and the final two parts cover the Western Lines Of Scotland route. They can be downloaded from the relevant scenario pages for each route.