Monday, 30 July 2012

Song Of The Day - 30th July

As featured on the Channel 4 Paralympic advert. Classic. Also a big clamour to get it to number 1.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

DPS PEC03 - Now Released!

The third scenario in the "Platform End Collection" has now been released.

Based at Carlisle on the WCML North route, this "spotter" scenario is set in 2008 and puts you on the southern end of the platforms. Carlisle, renowned for it's mixture of both passenger and freight traffic*, there should be plenty of traffic to see over the course of around 1hr 15mins.

To complement the bustling nature of the location, ambient station sounds have been included in this package.

This scenario can now be downloaded from a new dedicated section of my website by clicking here.

* Due to the varied nature of the traffic in Carlisle, this scenario is payware intense. A full readme outlining what is required is included in the package.

Friday, 27 July 2012

WYPTE Class 158 Reskin - Now Released

I am pleased to announce that I have released the WYPTE Class 158 reskin. This requires the original Class 158 pack from Steam in order to work and can be downloaded by following this link.

IHH Gatwick Express Pack - Out Now!

Here is a one that I am ashamed to say slipped under my radar. IHH have released a new "Gatwick Express" pack for TS2012 to complement the new London to Brighton route, and a very comprehensive pack it is too. It comprises of:

Class 73/2 Locomotive
Class 489 GVL
Full Nameset
Full TSX Features
2 Demo Scenarios

More information and details on how to purchase can be found by clicking here.

DPS PEC02 - Now Released!

The second scenario in the "Platform End Collection" has now been released.

Based at Ealing Broadway on the Oxford to Paddington route, this "spotter" scenario lasts for about one hour and is set in 1994, the days of the valenta engined HST and an era which still had some loco hauled passenger services. Watch as both express and stopper services head to/from London Paddington, watch freight traffic thunder through the slow lines and listen to the sounds* as services slow down and power up under caution aspect signals.

This scenario can now be downloaded from a new dedicated section of my website by clicking here.

* Headphones or a good speaker system recommended.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

DPS PEC01 - Now Released!

It's something that I have been asked about many time, scenarios that are not required to be driven but watched, in a similar vein to that of "spotting" lineside or on a platform end.

Over time, I have often created them for personal use, often just as a way to unwind and fully utilise all of the stock I own, or stock I have reskinned. Following these discussions and requests, I have now decided to package and release them. They cover various routes, in various eras and utilise varying traction which does result in them often being quite payware heavy, however, this is to maximise realism as far as possible. Also, all scenarios are based in strategic locations and follow real timetables, so it should give a picture of what you would see in real life at that location.

The first one is based on the Edinburgh to Glasgow route, and places you lineside at the back of Haymarket Terrace, around 150 yards west of Haymarket Station. Definetely a scenario for passenger enthusiasts, you will see a wide range of services arriving and leaving this busy station as well as the odd empty stock working that runs throughout the day to the nearby depot.

This first scenario can now be downloaded from a new dedicated section of my website by clicking here.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Screenshot Of The Day - 18th July

First North Western Class 153 Reskin - Released

I am pleased to announce that I have released a First North Western Class 153 reskin. this requires the payware Class 153 pack from Just Trains in order to work, and can be downloaded by following this link.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Utterly Disgusting

It's not often that something gets under my skin so much that I feel the need to blog it, however, on stumbling across this article this morning, I was absolutely shocked and appalled to see the treatment this passenger had received whilst trying to board a flight out of Birmingham Airport.

Now, I completely understand that an aeroplane is much different than the more accessible trains and buses we have these days, but to subject the passenger to such embarrassment in front of other passengers is something I feel is unacceptable. Particularly the line.......

According to the stewardess it was BMI baby policy that disabled passengers sat in window seats. This was apparently to ensure if there was an incident, passengers would not be impeded.

The full open letter can be found by clicking the link below.

Change Is Needed

It's also worth remembering that we are also approaching the Paralympics which are only a few weeks away.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Infrastructure North - Video

And another video from Manuel (msdejesus) featuring one of my scenarios, "Infrastructure North". It's fair to say that Manuel does have a talent for producing these videos and they are really enjoyable to watch, even looking nearly "real" in some respects.

Armstrong Powerhouse - AP27 - London to Brighton Scenario Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse have today released the latest in their line of scenario packs for TS2012, this time concentrated on the recently released London to Brighton route.

More information and details on how to buy this pack can be found by clicking here.

Armstrong Powerhouse presents a scenario pack for the excellent London to Brighton route. Based in the post-privatisation era between 1999 & 2005, these six scenarios represent the time when slam-door electric multiple units could still be seen operating on this busy route. To help in recreating this colourful period, many exclusive, high quality reskins are utilised from Connex/South West Trains Class 421s & 423s to Southern/Connex/South West Trains Class 455s. On top of that, a Gatwick Express Class 47, Mk1 & Mk2 set is included to represent this vital service on the route.

In these scenarios, we've strived for realism in all areas. For example, each scenario uses the timetable of its relevant year to create an as realistic experience as possible which on this busy route, means you will never be stuck for something to look at. As well as this, all services have their time of leaving, origin and destination as their name so you can see which train is which! If all of that wasn't enough, we have also made sure that all slam-door operated services show the correct route code on their front.

Bristol & Avonmouth - Out Now!

The "Bristol & Avonmouth" route for TS2012 has now been released. For more information and how to purchase, click here.

The Bristol and Avonmouth route has been created to give you the chance to enjoy many operations around the route, from the coal loaders at Avonmouth to the bustling docks, the Severn Beach line (highlighted by Thomas Cook as one of the most scenic lines in Europe!) to the four-mile tunnel under the River Severn.

Starting at Bristol Temple Meads, you can take a trip to Bristol Parkway in preparation to carry on to London. Go South into Portbury docks and take in the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge or take a heavy freight load past Filton Airport, where Concorde G-BOAF resides opposite the magnificent Brabazon hangars.

Do you feel like taking a trip back to the past? Drive to the Bristol Harbour Railway where you can travel up and down the dockside railway and see Brunel's famous SS Great Britain and the M Shed Museum which occupies the former Bristol Industrial Museum building.

Or maybe you'd prefer a trip into the future? Portishead railway station is subject to a great deal of debate at the moment with ongoing campaigns to re-open the line and its stations at Pill and Portishead to ease traffic on the A369. The line has been included, with the station at Pill bought back to life and the lines laid and station buildings placed at Portishead station.

If you want to do some good old fashioned shunting, there's plenty of scope for that too, with the docks at Avonmouth and Portbury, coaling yards at Avonmouth, and shunting yards at Stoke Gifford and east of Bristol Temple Meads.

Bristol and Avonmouth includes a total of 21 stations and features 15 scenarios, ten using default stock, and five using stock from Just Trains, as well as four Free Roams.

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association

Created by ex-Servicemen Dave Capps and Ben Garfirth, Bristol & Avonmouth was developed as an aid to help their adjustment back to civilian life after the rigours of combat.

Helping that adjustment is SSAFA Forces Help, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association charity. SSAFA help and support those who serve in the UK’s Armed Forces and those who used to serve - even if it was only for a single day. SSAFA also care for the families of both. Last year alone, SSAFA’s professional staff and trained volunteers provided a reliable, caring and trusted service to more than 50,000 people. SSAFA has helped to make a real difference to many lives.

Your purchase of the route will help to ensure that SSAFA’s fine work is continued with donations made from your purchase.

The Glasgow Fancy - Video

It's been quiet around here recently, much is going on and there are some exciting developments happening. For now, here is a video done by Manuel (msdejesus) of one of my recently released scenarios, The Glasgow Fancy.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

EWS Class 66 Reskins

With the very talented reskin creator David Hossack currently upgrading his repaints to cover models that have been given TS2012 effects, this has meant that he has discontinued his popular "Class 66 EWS" pack which was available for the original Class 66 model.

In order to preserve any existing or future scenarios that utilise these repaints, David has kindly given permission for me to host the original** file on my website. The file can be obtained by following this link.

**Please note that these reskins use the original Class 66 model and therefore do not have TS2012 rain or projected light effects. However, the reskins are used in at least 100 scenarios that I know about, so this pack has been preserved in order to allow these scenarios to remain available.