Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rock On!

RSC have tonight announced via email that they have a new USA route in development, Sherman Hill. The following is taken from the email.

A fantastic new US route is coming to Train Simulator 2012 this August, and it looks set to be a tough one! The railroad from Cheyenne to Laramie, Wyoming, has such tough grades that the Union Pacific railroad built locomotives specially to handle it, giving us the Challenger and Big Boy that are still revered today. With Union Pacific diesel horsepower on hand and some heavy freight trains to move, this will be a great new expansion pack for all US rail fans. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information on Sherman Hill.

Armstrong Powerhouse - Settle to Carlisle Scenario Pack

Here is one that slipped under the radar.......

Last week, Armstrong Powerhouse released the latest in their line of scenario packs, this time for the Settle to Carlisle line. Featuring 6 authentic scenarios that use prototypical stock and the relevant real life timetable for each year that they are set in, this should complement the route nicely.

More information and details on how to purchase can be found by clicking here.

Class 67 Diamond Jubilee Add-On Available

The celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen has now reached Railworks. Released tonight, the pack contains a Class 67 locomotive in two liveries along with "Royal Train" coaching stock. The addon is priced at £4.99 and can be obtained by clicking this link.

Voyager Scenarios - Coming Soon

Even before the release of the Voyager "Advanced", I was asked if I would be producing and releasing any scenarios to utilise it. The good news is yes, the slightly less good news is that in order to release two of them, I will be awaiting the fix from Just Trains to address the permanent cold start issue, of which they are aware and have acknowledged.

Below are a selection of screenshots showing the scenes from the scenarios.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Voyager Advanced Released! - Railworks 3

The long awaited and highly anticipated "advanced" version of the Class 220/221 Voyager from Just Trains has been released.

With an array of new and innovative features, the Voyager "Advanced" takes one of the early Rail Simulator models to a new level and if you already own the original product, you can upgrade for just £7.99.

More details and information on how to purchase can be found by clicking here. Alternative links for the full priced download and boxed versions can also be found via that link.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Railworks 3 Holiday Pack

It seems that this is the week for deals, and this one is especially attractive for fans of US based stock.

With 66% off the RRP, this pack includes the following:-

• GP9 Add-On
• BNSF Dash-9 Pack
• Challenger Add-On
• SD70 ACe Add-On
• SW1500 Switcher Add-On
• Union Pacific Big Boy Add-On

Bought seperately, these addons would normally cost £73.94 at their full price, but this limited availability bundle is available for £24.99. More information and details on how to buy can be found here.

Iron Horse House Mega Sale - Friday 1st June

This Friday (1st June) Iron Horse House are going to be having what can only be described as a "Mega Sale" where you can obtain the entire IHH catalogue for only £57!

Although this may seem a large outlay and my matsh are not brilliant, but I believe that this is a saving of over £250. The modelling quality of IHH is second to none and the back catalogue features several prototypes that just are not available anywhere else. Couple this with prompt customer service and an ongoing commitment to bringing up all models to TS2012 standard, this is a very tempting offer.

Visit here on 1st June.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Cresston V4 - Cardingham Central - WIP

Bearing in mind that this is "Work-In-Progress" as per the title, this is the first look at Cardingham Central, the northerly terminus for Cresston V4 and effectively where the route will end.

Cresston V4 - Where Is It?

It seems that after my announcement was delayed, some people became very hot under the collar about it. Now, although I can obviously understand why it would be frustrating for some to see that I have had to hold the route back, some of the comments I have received are completely unneccessary, bordering on vicious in some cases. It never ceases to amaze me that certain members of the community have this feeling that despite receiving free content, they feel as though they are owed and consider their self importance over the feelings of those trying to provide them with content.

• Yes, I started a countdown and in hindsight, probably shouldn't have. However, I didn't envisage the issues I was going to run in to.

• Regardless of release dates, I am providing this route to everyone for free and it has to go out on my terms, plain and simple. Don't send me any further drivel about how I am wasting your time and money.

The reason it has been delayed is for various reasons. As much as the first release will be an uncompleted "Open Beta", it still has to meet various criteria for it to be fully useable where the only remaining issues after release should be the placement of remaining scenery and possible fixes to the enormous amount of custom assets. The main criteria it has to fulfil is that the route works without issue from a network perspective.

I also inexplicably laid the final section using the wrong track rule and on doing the final track switch from the old default Newcastle to York track to the WCML track, it has set in motion no end of problems. Given that this final section covers around 14 miles to the Northern terminus but also extends in two sections that seperate then meet again which doubles the amount of track, it also has several secondary passenger branch lines, an airport interchange branch and three TMD's that have around 60 track miles, its quite a large job to put right. As the terminus also has 11 platforms with two of them on a seperate through line to the West, its also a very large signalling job.

I am still fine tuning and exporting a large amount of custom objects and these now amount to over 200 all new assets that will be distributed with the route. As you can appreciate, this is a large scale effort and is not just a case of releasing a route with miles of track along with replacement of assets that you have already seen in other routes.

The line has also been vandalised. :D (See Screenshots Below)

So, the top and bottom is that I won't do any further countdowns or release dates as apart from the fact that expectations build, it upsets me if I cannot fulfil it as well. All I can say is to keep an eye on this blog for further updates and what should hopefully be a surprise announcement when the route goes "live". Of course, it will still need to have an initial degree of prior testing from my beta team, so if they start showing advance screenshots, you can probably hazard a guess that the route is close to being ready for download.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sealink Mk1 Reskin Released - Railworks 3

The reskin of the default Mk1 in to "Sealink" livery has now been released. It can be downloaded from the DPSimulation website by following this link.

Friday, 25 May 2012

BR 143 Addon Available Now - Railworks 3

The BR 143 addon has now been released for Railworks 3 via the Steam platform. The following is taken from the product page.

The BR143 Add-On offers one of the most accurate and involving locomotive driving experiences currently available for Train Simulator 2012. With two liveries, a driveable Steuerwagen and five scenarios for the Cologne-Dusseldorf Expansion Pack, the BR143 is a great add-on for anyone who really wants to DRIVE!

The BR143 was introduced in 1985 by Deutsche Bahn as a general purpose locomotive for passenger and freight duties, with an output of 3,720 kW (4,990 horsepower) and top speed of 120 km/h (75mph). It proved to be a highly capable and versatile locomotive well-suited to the abundance of 120km/h lines then in use, and after four years no less than 500 had been produced by LEW Hennigsdorf. A total of 636 examples were produced by the time production came to an end, and most are still in service.

The BR143 for Train Simulator 2012 has been developed in wonderful detail by virtualRailroads to provide a highly-accurate driving simulation. As a result, the locomotive utilises a great many more controls than the majority of our locos, and most drivers will find that it is necessary to read the manual thoroughly and familiarise themselves with the controls and driving modes. As the driver, you are required to get the locomotive ready for work before starting out, including raising the pantograph and switching on the main power circuit. You then select the required driving mode, depending on what kind of service you will be running, then set off using one of two different speed control systems. All aspects of the locomotive’s operation have been replicated with great attention to detail, giving all the capability and flexibility of a real BR143. However, this means that there are many additional controls to get to grips with: even if you have driven a REAL BR143, we recommend that you read the manual thoroughly before driving! Full controls are not accessible via the Cab Control HUD display: please refer to the manual for full details of the operating controls.

PLEASE NOTE: the Cologne-Dusseldorf Expansion Pack is required to play the scenarios included with this add-on.

BR143 electric locomotive in DB red livery and PBK blue/silver livery. Highly-detailed locomotive with three selectable driving modes, direct speed control, TAV door control, time delayed windscreen wipers, in-cab lighting and more.

Fully operational Steuerwagen driving trailer.

5 scenarios for the Cologne-Dusseldorf Expansion Pack

(PLEASE NOTE: the Cologne-Dusseldorf Expansion Pack, available separately, is required to play these scenarios):

The Helping Hand
RBH GZ86534
Replacement Train to Dusseldorf
Detour to Cologne
Cologne to Dusseldorf

Click here for more information and how to purchase this addon.

DPSimulation - Site Restructuring

I am currently in the process of restructuring the DPSimulation website, with the current concentration being on the layout of scenario downloads.

Many scenarios that I had created were not available on my website and only on UKTrainsim. With immediate effect, I have uploaded all scenarios to my website and have now created new categories for ease of use, these categories can be seen below and will also expand as and when new routes are released.

Over the coming days, I anticipate the removal of all of my content* from third party sites and all content will be available from my website only. This is not s decision that has suddenly appeared overnight, but I do pay for and maintain my own site and have always had the intention of doing this. The benefit for me is that I can maintain complete control of all downloads and control feedback and support from one location. The benefit for the end user is that free and high speed access is available for all of my content.

With the uploading of these scenarios, there are now over 50 free scenarios hosted at DPSimulation.

* With the exception of agreed donations to freeware packs and donations to other route projects.

Porsmouth Direct Line & 4VEP Twin Pack - Railworks 3

On browsing the Steam store this morning I have only just noticed this pack and it may only be available for a short time.

Comprising of the recently released 4VEP EMU along with the recently TS2012 upgraded Portsmouth Direct Line, buying in this pack enables you to save £7.99 on the normal seperate retail price. More information on the pack and how to buy can be found by following this link.

BR SR Electric 2BIL - Available Now - Railworks 3

The BR SR Electric 2BIL is now available for Railworks 3. It can be downloaded from the UKTrainsim website via this link. Available in both green and blue variations, the 2BIL also boasts TS2012 features such as rain effects on both the window and passenger views as well as TS2012 lighting.

Created by Richard Scott, an enthusiastic freeware creator who has previously provided us with some excellent releases such as the PCC Streetcar, Croydon Tram and GWR Railcar among others, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank him for his hard work and support to the community.


Due to several circumstances I regret to announce a delay to the release of the Cresston V4 Open Beta. I have left this decision to the very last minute due to an effort to try and get it ready in time, however, several major issues are still outstanding.

I am not prepared to give a new date for release but I do not anticipate it to be long. The original beta team can expect contact and a proof testing copy of the route in the coming days from which a full open beta release will follow.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Formula One Online - RFactor

Most people will know me only for my involvement with Railworks but I do have other gaming interests, most notably online motorsports.

I am not sure whether any of you have dabbled with online motorsports and in particular, RFactor. Now an older online based simulator, it is very well supported by community mods which range from all forms of motorsport with my main interest being in Formula One. I have been a member of various online racing leagues for around four years now, and the main one I participate in is now looking for new drivers, send me a message via the "Contact Us" form on my website here if you have a shared interest and would like to know more or even participate. Alternatively, contact me on one of the forums I participate.

Here is a video from the 2010 season in which I feature quite heavily, driving a Virgin Cosworth at Monaco and running in 4th place for much of the early stages. There is even a period from 3:20 or so where the video is concentrated on myself being swarmed by a faster McLaren. Being Monaco, he couldn't get past and pitted shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, I pitted the next lap and subsequently blew my engine in the tunnel, I had being running in qualifying mode in the early laps to try and stick with the front runners and build a gap to the midfield.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

4 Days To Go

Upgrades - Oakbridge

As part of the process of creating Cresston V4, many of the older locations have been completely upgraded to reflect new assets and more importantly, build quality.

Those familiar with earlier versions of the route will probably recognise the name "Oakbridge", a two tier station consisting of high and low level platforms. Here are some shots of the now upgraded station.

Friday, 18 May 2012

8 Days To Go

4VEP EMU Released - Railworks 3

The iconic 4VEP EMU has now been released for Train Simulator 2012. The following is taken from the RSC website.

The 4VEP (Class 423) electric multiple unit is now available for Train Simulator 2012. With BR Blue/Grey and Network Southeast liveries, the 4VEP will be a superb addition for your Portsmouth Direct Line.

Before the modern Electrostar and Desiro EMUs were introduced, the 4VEP was one of the ‘slam door’ classes which formed the backbone of southern suburban and branch line services from their introduction in the 1960s. Unlike modern units with hydraulically operated sliding doors, the 4VEP (like the similar 4CIG) had rows of hinged doors enabling quick transfer of passengers on very busy commuter services. The slamming of these many doors prior to departure was a familiar sound at railway stations and gave rise to the nickname ‘slam door’.

The 4VEP (‘VEP’ standing for Vestibule Electro-Pneumatic Brake Stock) for Train Simulator 2012 comes complete with BR Blue/Grey liveries and scenarios for the Portsmouth Direct Line Expansion Pack (available separately). Available to purchase from Steam now.

More information and details of how to buy can be found by clicking here.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Six New Scenarios Released - Railworks 3

Six all new scenarios have been released for Railworks 3 featuring fully prototypical operations and real timetabling, these scenarios can be obtained from my website by clicking here.

Blog Features

Have you released something for Railworks that you would like others to know about?

With over 1000 unique weekly visitors to the DPSimulation blog, this is fast becoming an important resource for anything related to the platform. Whether that is the latest payware offering or freeware locomotive, I try to feature a good selection on here.

If you have something you would like to see featured on the blog*, fill in the "Contact Us" form at the website here.

*Please note that not all submissions can be featured.

Iron Horse House - Class 47 Pack Released

Laser scanned and lovingly built, Iron Horse House have released an all new Class 47 pack which I have to admit, does look enormously tempting. Along with the new TS2012 features, and authentic cab and custom sounds, it also has 14 variants including the following:

BR Green
BR Green Yellow
BR Early Blue
BR Large Logo
BR Highland Large Logo

More information and details on how to purchase can be found by clicking here.

SD75 Locomotive Released - Railworks 3

The SD75 locomotive has now been released for Train Simulator 2012. The following is taken from the RSC website.

AVAILABLE NOW for Train Simulator 2012! The EMD SD75 is out now, adding some horsepower to your Cajon Pass fleet.

Built between 1994 and 1999, the SD75 is a 4,300-horsepower 6-axle diesel freight locomotive based on the successful SD70 series. More than 280 were built, many of which were purchased by the BNSF railroad, with two different cab variants (the ‘M’ cab and the more popular ‘I’ or ‘Whisper’ cab).

The SD75 for Train Simulator 2012 includes SD75M and SD75I models, and includes BNSF red & silver and Santa Fe red & silver liveries plus 5 scenarios for the Cajon Pass. Available to download from Steam now.

More information and details of how to buy can be found by clicking here.

Portsmouth Direct Line - Update Released - Railworks 3

The update to the Portsmouth Direct route has now been released via Steam. Providing you are running the Steam client, and are not playing Railworks or any other Steam game, it should automatically download.

13 Days To Go

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cresston V4.0 OB - Route Map

With the track below the blue line from the V3 release and anything above from V4, it can clearly be seen that this new version is much more extensive.