Friday, 7 October 2016

New ZFA/HGA Wagon Repaint Pack

I have just uploaded a new set of repaints to the DPSimulation website courtesy of Richard Fletcher.

Utilising the PGA wagons that are included with the Class 58 DLC by Skyhook Games, these wagons depict the following......

A ZFA 'Gunnel' wagon conversion in civil engineers 'Dutch' livery - pre-1996 condition with older style BR OHLE warnings.

ZFA wagons in Dutch, Mainline blue, and blue/yellow liveries with post-1996 markings. 

And finally, recoded HGA wagons - in Dutch, faded Mainline blue and EWS maroon.

This pack can be downloaded from the 'Wagons' section of Richard's page by following this link.


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Birmingham Cross City V1.0 – Now Released

I have now released the first version of Birmingham Cross City on the DPSimulation website.

Following the loss of a certain amount of data as outlined on this blog during the announcement of ECMLNE V4 earlier this week, and following an endless barrage of requests to release the Redditch to Barnt Green section as seen on Youtube, I have decided to release a first version of the route between Redditch and Longbridge for users to look at and evaluate, and understand the vision I have for the eventual project to Birmingham New Street and beyond.

It's hard to define a period in which the route is set, infrastructure wise the layout is from around the late 90's, but station signage and surrounding scenery will reflect the current period, this crossover should allow a broad period for the use of rolling stock without it looking out of place.

The requirements are as follows........WCML Trent Valley, Liverpool to Manchester and South London Lines which are all available from Steam, along with the AP Station Pack. Although this pack isn't available to download, it is included with a large number of popular routes available on Steam. The package also includes my Route Building Pack 01, please overwrite files when prompted if you already have this installed.

Basic Quick Drive is included in this initial version with an all new custom quick drive system planned when there are more route miles.

This all new route can be downloaded by following this link.