Friday, 20 May 2016

New Repaints Uploaded

I have just uploaded some new repaints from Richard Fletcher and Xavier Guerra.

Firstly, from Richard is a Class 415/416 4EPB BR Blue Repaint. This repaint requires both the Network SouthEast Class 415 '4EPB' EMU and the newly released BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack. This creates an 4EPB set to compliment it's 2 car sibling.

Secondly, from Xavier is a Class 416 EMU into BR Blue Grey and NSE liveries. This repaint requires the BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack only.

The repaint from Richard can be found in the EMU section of his page by clicking here. The repaints from Xavier can be found in the EMU section of the reskins page by clicking here.


Chatham Main Line Scenario Pack - Available Now

I have now released an all new seven scenario pack for Chatham Main Line. Set in 2013/2014, the pack covers both passenger and freight operations on the route and utilises the Class 465, Class 375, Class 395, Class 66 & Class 92. 

The scenarios offer varying and challenging operations and gives around five hours of further driving on this route.

 Click here to visit the download page*.

* All seven scenarios are also available on the Steam Workshop. Click here to visit the DPSimulation Steam Workshop page.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Two New Repaints Uploaded

I have just uploaded two new repaints to the DPSimulation website, courtesy of Richard Fletcher.

The first is an Intercity Swallow texture patch for the HST that is included with the Class 159 DLC. This download applies revised textures to the HST, primarily to deal with the light cantrail areas on the Power Cars and trailers, though other texture modifications are also included.  This texture update will overwrite the current textures and will require a reinstall should you very cache, or if the DLC is updated at any point in the future. 

This download can be found in the locomotives section of Richard's page by following this link. 

The second upload is a repaint of the Fastline Simulation 102t GLW Bogie Tanks in FINA Petroleum liveries: Class A and Class B.

 This download can be found in the wagons section of Richard's page by following this link