Monday, 22 November 2010

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

By The Lake

"Minus the masts"

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another new scenario

Tonight I have released another new scenario for Bristol to Exeter entitled "To Taunton And Back". It can be downloaded now from

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bristol to Exeter Scenarios

There are now two new free scenarios available on my website for Bristol to Exeter entitled "FGW Summer Saturday" and "Jorvik Explorer II". Please take note of the included readme document for details of required reskins and locomotives.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Bristol to Exeter - Jorvik Explorer II - Part 2

Part 2 - Weston-super-Mare to Bristol Temple Meads

After a short stop in Weston-super-Mare, the Jorvik Explorer II departs the historic station.

And then rejoins the main line at Worle Junction.

Starting to regain speed, we pass North Somerset Courthouse.

Passing through the countryside near Worle.

Traffic waits as we thunder past.

1C11 passes at full line speed en route to Plymouth.

Approaching the loops at Yatton.

Thundering through Yatton station.

This shot was caught late, as we pass 2C61 which has just departed Nailsea & Backwell.

Getting ever closer to Bristol now, still no sign of the sky clearing.

Although it does seem to be brightening up behind as we pass Flax Bourton.

Easing down now as we round the curve towards Parson Street.

And Parson Street itself, where we get the advance warning for the 25mph approaches in Temple Meads.

Getting ever nearer, we now start getting checked for BTM.

Passing through the rarely used Bedminster.

Time to apply the brakes and prepare to stop, we are either going to be held or sent over into another platform.

And we are to be held, it was all going so well.

After a relatively short wait, we now approach the magnificent shed at BTM.

And arriving into Bristol Temple Meads where the train will then proceed on to York.

Bristol to Exeter - Jorvik Explorer II

It's not very often I go into story mode with my screenshots but I thought I would today featuring the Jorvik Explorer 2 railtour from Taunton to York.

Part 1 - Taunton to Weston-super-Mare

The railtour prepares to depart a cloudy Taunton at 05:45 on Saturday 31st October 2010.

Taking in the view as we depart.

The Class 37's now start to open up as we pass Taunton RFC.

Passing the Boat & Anchor Inn on the outskirts of Bridgwater.

If anyone did plan a lie in, the roar of English Electric through Bridgwater has destroyed those hopes.

Passing the industrial areas on the way out of Bridgwater.

We pass 2C42 on an early morning service to Penzance.

More people who won't be getting much undisturbed sleep this morning!

An early morning rambler patiently waits at the railway crossing adjacent to Edithmead Caravan Park.

Taking in more scenery as we start to ready ourselves for the approach to Weston-Super-Mare

Despite the Class 37 now easing off, road traffic is still no match for the main line.

We are then checked for the approach to Uphill Junction.

Now given the road onto the single line loop into Weston-super-Mare, the driver opens up into Uphill Junction.

And here we are, the first calling point, Weston-Super-Mare where we have had a good run down and arrived bang on time.

Part 2 to follow.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Cresston V4 - News

Hello everyone, apologies for the lack of updates of late but I shall now update you on what is happening.

Firstly, some of you may or may not have seen my blog, where I was close to abandoning all work, however, just looking at the responses on this blog and other affiliated forum threads, towards this project means it is worth continuing, especially after the work that has been done and all of the assets specifically created for the route.

So, what is the current status on the route?

About 8 weeks ago, after a virtual attack that I still attribute to being through my Steam directory, I lost a lot of work including much of the newer parts of Cresston, things you have seen in screenshots like the terminus and traincare depot etc. At the time of the "attack" everything got a bit muddled and my instant reaction was to backup the "important" work like Bristol to Exeter and then delete Steam, not thinking about the after effects this causes by removing all content from the Steamapps folder. To lose such an amount of work was a big blow, especially to lose some quite complex trackwork in and around the terminus and depot area, as well as the scenery placed and the assets themselves. Of course, the latter are all recoverable due to having the source files saved in the 3D modelling program and many of these assets such as the carriage washer are already back in game and ready to go.

Now, one of the things I did state when deciding to continue with the work was that it would be on my terms. With other commitments that obviously take priority over this one, allowances have had to be made as to the future direction of the route to let me release the project as I intend it to look after all the planning done. This could now produce a side effect for people. Originally, as many will know, the plan was to continue the original theme of no payware and little or no external downloading of freeware assets. Then, I would completely overhaul the route and release what I called a "deluxe" version which would include payware assets (GARL was chosen at the time) in order to use the new gantries, signalling and other various assets. However, as time has progressed, we were provided with the opportunity to purchase the excellent WCML route which contains those signals and multiple variations of gantry along with other new assets. For the reasons stated above, the route will now include up to 100 new custom assets specifically for the route, a small variation of freeware assets from the community with permission from the authors and [b]the requirement of the WCML payware route[/b]. The free downloadable asset pack from Steam will also be required and if any more of these asset packs appear during construction of the route, these may also be required.

In reference to the work lost, it isn't all a bad thing, I have decided to change a few elements of the original plan which I believe, will make it better. I am aiming for a release of no later than Summer 2011 with a driveable area of no less than 200 miles, something I feel is enough to sign off the final version of the route.



Thursday, 4 November 2010

An Exclusive?

Very much work in progress here so dont read too much into it, testing new ideas and assets.

Exeter St Davids - Red Cow Level Crossing

Rusty Pipes Anyone

Been working on an industrial pipe kit for a new and as yet unannounced route. This is the downpipe to join with the lower and upper sections to enable the pipes to cross the track.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Website Updated!

After a long period of neglect, I have now decided to update my website, I do pay for it after all! I have included some of my most recent scenarios and also plan to finally activate the beta section.

Lights, Camera, Action