Saturday, 29 June 2019

North East England - Where Are We?

As part of an effort to offer more regular updates on development of the North East England route, I thought I would also try and get you guys involved as well.

Here are two screenshots of two very different areas. The question is, where are they? 

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

North East England - Merchant Park

Had quite a few people contacting me to ask if there is any progress to show on the North East England route. Work is progressing, just not as fast as I would like due to the usual real life shenanigans such as computer trouble, financial issues and more family ilness. All of this has meant that recently it's been a real struggle to get any TS work done and keep the site going due to having to use all of my financial and physical resources elsewhere. We're still here though and we'll keep plodding on.

Despite that, the addition of Merchant Park near Heighington in a future update will provide yet another logical start/end point for scenarios.

If you haven't already downloaded the first version of the North East England route, you can do so by clicking here. Given the Steam Summer Sale has just started, it's also a great time to pick up the requirements at a reduced price!