Thursday, 26 January 2012

Woodhead Line - Out Now!

The Woodhead Line has been released and is available here.

Running from Sheffield to Manchester via the rugged landscape of the Pennines, the Woodhead Line was electrified way back in the early 1950s with the Class 76 electric locomotive being built especially for the line. A major feature of the route is the Woodhead Tunnel system, comprising three tunnels (the third being added specifically for the electrification of the line) to enable the line to run through the hilly landscape of the northern Peak District. The Class 76 electric locomotive was first produced as a prototype (6701) in 1941, with full production beginning in 1950 in Manchester. Under British Rail, Class 76s hauled freight and passenger services along the Woodhead Line until 1970, after which they handled only freight workings. Now closed to traffic since 1981, the Woodhead Line and its tunnels are still a regular destination for rail enthusiasts and hikers, and they have now been brought back to life in Train Simulator 2012. Download size 842 MB - please check your ISP download restrictions before purchasing.

* 60-mile Woodhead Line route from Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield Victoria including Wath branch and Woodhead Tunnels

* Class 76 electric locomotive

* Class 08 diesel shunter in BR Black

* 8F Steam Locomotive

* Mk1 coaches in crimson livery

* 7 scenarios, including career and standard, plus 4 free roams

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

LMS Period 3 "Stanier" Passenger Coaches - Railworks 3

Long time creators and publishers for Microsoft Train Simulator, Making Tracks have now made the step into Railworks 3 content with the LMS Period 3 "Stanier" Passenger Coach Pack. Developed by Gordon (aptly nicknamed Gopher on UKTS), a prolific freeware developer who has created some much needed period stock for the program and published by MT, this pack is very reasonably priced at £6.99.

The following is taken from the Making Tracks website, where you can find further information, screenshots and the facility to buy this fantastic pack.

The LMS Period 3 "Stanier" coaches were built in large numbers by the LMS from 1933 the P3's could be found all over the LMS system. They were used in all types of train, from express to local stoppers. After nationalisation they could be found all over the BR system, not just the Midland Region, until the mid 1960's when they were removed from passenger operations. After withdrawal many took up duties as departmental stock.

What’s in the pack:-

The stock is supplied in LMS standard livery, BR Crimson & Cream (Blood & Custard) and BR Maroon.

Coach types included:

BR designation:

Brake Standard Corridor (BSK)
Composite Corridor (CK)
Standard Corridor (SK)
Restaurant Standard Open (RSO)

LMS designation:

Third Class Corridor Brake (CH)
Composite corridor (CC)
Corridor Third (CT)
Restaurant Third (RT)

All stock have passenger and non-passenger versions selectable in the scenario menu.
There is a BR SK without passengers and lighting for night static consist use.

All stock is supplied with Railworks controlled tail lamps.

There is a passenger view provided in the BR Composite Corridor(CK)/LMS Composite corridor(CC).

There are six scenarios included to get you going, set on the default Somerset&Dorset route using the P3 set and default stock.

A PDF manual is included with comprehensive details and instructions, including how to use the set in your own scenarios.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 37 Pro Sound Pack - Released Tomorrow - Railworks 3

Armstrong Powerhouse have this evening announced the latest in their line of quality sound packs for Railworks 3. Recorded using state-of-the-art equipment at an especially organised recording session, the Class 37 pro pack is designed to maximise the experience of using the Class 37 on Railworks 3. The following was taken from the AP website where the download will be made available from tomorrow.

Starting from tomorrow (20th January), our first Pro sound pack will be released. You're probably wondering though,what's so different about a Pro pack compared to our previous releases? If a sound pack is classed as being Pro, it means that most, if not all, of the sounds used have been recorded using state-of-the-art equipment at an especially organised recording session. This allows us to acquire the exact kind of sounds we require to create the best experience possible within the simulator. As well as excellent audio quality, Pro packs will include separate cab and exterior sounds because as anyone whose been in the cab of a locomotive knows, there is really quite a difference! Finally, all efforts have been made to make the sounds are as realistic as possible. Whether that's the slight audible change in engine note when a field divert kicks in or the subtle hum of the traction motors in the cab.

Without further a do though, we are very pleased to announce that the first locomotive to receive the Pro treatment is the popular class 37 which owes its popularity to the sheer racket it makes. Released tomorrow, this pack will be available for the standard £4.99 which, we're sure you'll agree, represents excellent value for money. Please note though that due to the time and investment that is required to create a Pro pack, we are unable to supply a free update to the standard Class 37 Sound Pack which will be discontinued from tomorrow.

Digital Traction Winter Sale - Railworks 3

Digital Traction currently have a winter sale in progress which lasts until 25th January and offers 75% off all products. These savings mean that you can pick up items such as the well used Mk2e coach pack for only £1.06!!!

More information can be found here.

Woodhead Line - Released 26th January! - Railworks 3 have now announced the official release date for the Woodhead expansion pack for Railworks 3. The scheduled release is now for 26th January. The following was taken from the website.

The Woodhead Line, complete with Class 76 electric locomotive, will be available as an expansion pack for Train Simulator 2012 from 26 January. Running from Sheffield to Manchester, the Woodhead Line was a vital link across the Pennines for the transportation of coal, and of course passengers. Electrification of the line in the 1950s saw the introduction of the Class 76 (as it later became known by British Rail), which hauled trains over the viaducts and through the famous Woodhead Tunnels alongside the steam locomotives of the day. Traffic reduced in the 1970s and the line finally closed in the early 1980s.

Now sadly missed by many who remember this wonderful scenic line in its glory days, the 60-mile Woodhead Line will soon be alive once again in Train Simulator 2012. Complete with the Class 76, plus 8F and Class 08 locomotives, the Woodhead Line will be available from 26 January.

Class 153 Advanced - Railworks 3

Just Trains have posted a new video on Youtube giving a preview of the advanced version of the Class 153 and all of the included features. If you already own the Class 153, you should be eligible for a free upgrade to this newer version. The expected release date is 25th January.

Bishop Auckland to Darlington - Railworks 3

Just Trains have announced an upcoming route release for Railworks 3, the modern day Bishop Auckland to Darlington branch line in North East England, part of the famous Stockton and Darlington Railway which opened in 1825. More information can be found on the Just Trains website.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Iron Horse House - Class 25 Upgrade - Railworks 3

Iron Horse House have announced the next of their stock upgrades to take account of TS2012 technology, the Class 25 pack. This pack is a free upgrade for all existing owners or otherwise is priced at £9.99 + VAT.

As usual, this is a very highly detailed model and comes in both the 25/0 and 25/3 variants along with eight scenarios. More details can be found here.

ICE 1 - Available 19th January - Railworks 3

It has been announced that the ICE 1 will be released this Thursday (19th January) for Railworks 3 via the Steam Store. The following is taken from the website.

Available from 19 January with all new scenarios!

The ICE (Intercity-Express) is Germany’s high-speed flagship, linking cities such as Frankfurt, Mannheim, Berlin and Hamburg in great comfort and with short journey times. The 410-metre long ICE train is capable of up to 300kph (186mph) and looks after its passengers with air conditioning, electric power points, on-board music and radio listening and more. It also looks very sleek and impressive on the move! Developed by Virtual Railroads and fully optimized for TS2012, the ICE 1 is a recreation of the original ICE 1 trains introduced at the beginning of the ICE services in 1991, which have since been refurbished and improved for the 21st Century. With realistic features including automatic drive and brake control and moveable cab blinds, plus more than 20 scenarios on the Haagen-Siegen and Seebergbahn routes including free roams, the TS2012 ICE 1 offers hours of exciting high speed driving.

If you want to drive something cool, you need the ICE… available 19 January.

Fort Kent Eagle Lake "Optimized" - Railworks 3

It has been announced that the Fort Kent Eagle Lake route for Railworks 3 will receive optimization to include TS2012 features. It is to be released this Thursday (19th January) and will be free of charge to existing users of the product. The following is taken from the website.

Available from January 19, the Fort Kent – Eagle Lake expansion pack has been optimized for Train Simulator 2012.

Developed by All Aboard, Fort Kent – Eagle Lake is set in the state of Maine, USA and runs for 19 miles almost to the Canadian border. The local industries provide plenty of switching work for the railroad engineers, and hours of entertainment for TS2012 players. Fort Kent – Eagle lake includes 20 scenarios so you have plenty of time to learn your way around this rural route with its industrial yards and small passenger stations.

Optimized from January 19 and upgraded free of charge to owners of the original version.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ohio Steel 2 - Released 12 January - Railworks 3

Developed by reputable US creators All Aboard Rails, the latest in their line of high quality addons for Railworks 3 is to be released next week, January 12th. Named Ohio Steel 2, the route is an upgrade of the original Ohio Steel route and features everything included in the original release plus much, much more. The following is taken from the website.

Ohio Steel 2 puts you straight into the cab of an SD40-2 during the boom years of steel production around Dover, Ohio.

An upgrade and expansion of the original Ohio Steel by All Aboard, Ohio Steel 2 includes everything from the original pack, plus an extension to Massillon, new blast furnace and steel rolling mill, and additional scenarios. With a steel works, lots of different plants and yards, and an extension to Massillon to learn your way around, Ohio Steel 2 offers many hours of driving and switching for engineers everywhere. Available to download from Steam from 12 January. Developed by All Aboard.

PRR K4 - Released January 26th - Railworks 3 have now given a release date for the upcoming PRR K4 steam locomotive for Railworks 3. It will be released via the Steam platform on 26th January. The following is taken from the RSC website.

The classic PRR K4 is coming to Train Simulator 2012 later this month! From 1914 right through to the end of Pennsy steam in 1957, K4s were the Pennsylvania Railroad’s premier passenger locomotive and were familiar to passengers across the northeast United States. The K4 soon proved its worth and a grand total of 425 examples were produced by PRR and the Baldwin Locomotive Works.

Despite the large number built, only two K4s have survived into preservation - however, rail fans all over the world will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of this glorious steam loco in Train Simulator 2012. Available to download from Steam from 26 January 2012.

Virgin Broadband - Speed Upgrade

Not strictly Railworks news of course, but given that the regular stream of content being released these days, a fast broadband connection can be vital. Virgin Media have announced the excellent news that current users are to be upgraded free of charge. The changes are as follows:-

10mb - Doubled to 20mb
30mb - Doubled to 60mb
50mb - Doubled to 100mb
20mb - Tripled to 60mb
100mb - Increased to 120mb

The press release can be viewed here.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

"Darkness Falls" - Scenario Released - Railworks

I have recently released another scenario, this time for the default Newcastle to York route. It can be downloaded here.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Another New Scenario Released! - Railworks 3

Another new scenario has been released that requires nothing more than default or freeware stock! Grab it now at DPSimulation.

Class 58 "Coal Sector" - Railworks 3

With the recent releases of my freeware based scenarios, on creating further ones it made me realise there was an issue with my coal reskin of the Class 58 and in particular, the reskin not being viewable on certain systems. This has been rectified with the .nmc textures added and uploaded to my site here.

Now this is fixed, it will be a requirement in certain future scenarios.