Sunday, 23 June 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - First Scotrail Saltire Class 156

With thanks to Startours (Daniel Conner) who has given me permission to host alongside his other fantastic reskins, I am pleased to announce that the Class 156 First Scotrail "Saltire" reskin has been released.

It can be downloaded by following this link.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - 47114 "Freightlinerbulk" V2

I am please to announce that version 2 of the 47114 "Freightlinerbulk" reskin has now been released. Version 2 now includes an all new custom 3D nameplate. The reskin can be downloaded by following this link.

Friday, 21 June 2013

DPSimulation Screenshot Of The Day - 21st June

Once again featuring 47114 "Freightlinerbulk" but this time with the inclusion of a custom 3D nameplate. This begs the question, would people prefer 3D nameplates rather them just being painted into the texture?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Virgin Class 87 - Coming Soon [WIP]

Now that the Class 87 has been released, I can finally have what I always had wanted on WCML North, a Virgin liveried Class 87 and below are some work in progress shots. The eagle eyed will notice that certain details on the present model were removed when Virgin had these locomotives, but there isn't anything I can do about this unfortunately.

In the 1990's, Virgin leased thirty-five Class 87 locomotives and all will be represented in the pack, with 35 new nameplates in correct variations of font, all selectable using the numbering system.

These screenshots are Work In Progress

Train Simulator - What's Lurking? [WIP]

Something seems to be lurking within the bowels of Carlisle.........

Train Simulator 2013 - Class 87

The Class 87 locomotive has now been released for Train Simulator 2013, it can be purchased by following this link.

The following information is taken from the Steam store page for the product.

The Class 87 was the last purpose built electric locomotive for the West Coast Main Line following electrification of the line north of Crewe, and now you can take control of British Rail’s flagship electric model in Train Simulator.

Based on its predecessor, the Class 86, 36 models of the Class 87 were built at BREL Crewe Works between 1973 and 1975. Similar in appearance to the Class 86, there were some external and a number of internal differences between the two locomotives – the Class 87 was fitted with new bogies and multiple working equipment, two cab windows instead of three, headcode boxes were removed and the engine improved to give 5,000hp to improve performance on the hilly West Coast route.

With a top speed of 110mph (180km/h), the Class 87 was used mainly on express passenger services for British Rail, although there were occasional times when they were put into service on freight trains and even the Royal Train. In the late 1970s, BR named the entire fleet of Class 87s, many receiving names previously carried by ‘Britannia’ Class steam locomotives or town, cities and counties along the West Coast.

During the 1980s, all Class 87/0s were transferred from British Rail to InterCity whilst 87101 (which carried a different specification to the rest of the Class) was transferred to Railfreight Distribution. Post-privatisation, many Class 87s passed to Virgin Trains where they continued to operate West Coast Main Line express services, whilst others were transferred to Cotswold Rail, Direct Rail Services and First GBRf.

Following the fleet’s withdrawal in the late 2000s, 27 locomotives were sold to the Bulgarian Railway Company and converted to run on the national network. However, due to a downturn in railway traffic around the country, only 14 were eventually exported. Three Class 87s have also been preserved, two on static display at the National Railway Museum, York and the Railway Heritage Centre, Crewe, with the other used on the occasional charter train by the AC Locomotive Group.

The Class 87 for Train Simulator is available in InterCity Executive silver and grey livery and features nameplates, BR Mk3 passenger coaches in InterCity Executive livery with passenger view, working tap changer power control with functioning power gauges, two-tone horn and cab lighting.

The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the BR Class 87 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the West Coast Main Line North route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - Video Tutorials

There are now twelve new video tutorials on the DPSimulation website (via youtube) which are designed to help both newer and experienced users.

They cover various aspects of route building, bug fixes and scenario creation, many of them in response to questions that regularly appear on forums or through my website inbox. They are as follows with the relevant link embedded. They can also be viewed via the DPSimulation website by clicking here.

How To "Add Stock To A Scenario"
How To "Clear The Cache"
How To "Fix The Errant Buffers On WCML North"
How To "Fly Quickly Between Areas"
How To "Reset To Ground Level"
How To "Create & Save A Consist"
How To "Use The Offset Tool"
How To "Create A Simple But Rendered Crossover"
How To "Smooth A Gradient"
How To "Snap Lofts To Terrain"
How To "Unlock A Route"
How To "Download A Workshop Scenario"

If you regularly frequent forums and see any of the above questions asked, feel free to send the user to the relevant video.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - Class 47 "47114 - Freightlinerbulk"

I am pleased to announce the release of the solitary Class 47, 47114 "Freightlinerbulk". The reskin can be downloaded by following this link.

DPSimulation Screenshot Of The Day - 16th June

Train Simulator 2013 - Class 47 DRS Pack 01

I am pleased to announce the release of the Class 47 DRS Pack 01. Including 47237, 47298, 47501 and 47802, the reskins can be downloaded by following this link.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - Class 47 "Parcels" Pack

I am pleased to announce the release of the Class 47 "Parcels" pack. Available in two variations, with both yellow and black light cluster, the reskins can be downloaded by following this link.

Train Simulator 2013 - Class 47 "Dutch" Pack

I am pleased to announce the release of the Class 47 "Dutch" pack. Available in two variations, with or without the BR logo, the reskins can be downloaded by following this link.

DPSimulation Screenshot Of The Day - 15th June

The "Highland Chieftan" heads towards Edinburgh......

Taken from the Edinburgh to Glasgow extension, which can be downloaded from here.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Books and DVD's For Sale

I have decided to make available a small amount of railway related material, from cab ride DVD's to books, all at knockdown prices. All are used, but in good condition. All proceeds will go to the usual fund for running the website and will show in the target progress bar.

If you are interested in any of what is listed below (more may be added) then send me a contact feedback form via the website, or reply to this blog post and I can reserve it for you and remove it from the list. Payment can then just be made as a normal donation on the right.

I have put a link to the right of each item so you can view the product in question and see the price they would normally cost.

DVD - All Priced at £5 - Free P&P

Railway Recollections No. 51 Only (Not Return Journey)- Middlesbrough to Whitby Cab Ride   Link

Software - All Priced at £5 - Free P&P

Bristol to Exeter - RW/TS2013 Boxed With Manual     Link

Books/Reference - All Priced at £5 - Free P&P

Quail Track Diagram 2 - Eastern     Link

Rail Atlas Great Britain & Ireland - SK Baker        Link
BackTrack Magazine - Vol 5 No.6 - Nov Dec 1991 - VERY RARE     Link

Books Reference - Pick 2 for £5

Freightmaster - No 57 - April Jun 2010    Link
Freightmaster - No 58 - Jul Sept 2010      Link
Freightmaster - No.68 - Jan - Mar 2013   Link
Freightmaster  - No.66 - Jul - Sept 2013   Link
Freightmaster - No 65  -  Apr - Jun 2012    Link


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Monday, 3 June 2013

Screenshot Of The Day - 03rd June

Taken from the scenario "The Wedding Festival" now available on the Steam workshop.....

Train Simulator 2013 - Available for £4.99

Just noticed this posted elsewhere, Train Simulator 2013 is available for £4.99, ideal for any new user and of course ideal for any older user that doesn't have routes such as London to Brighton, or Sherman Hill.

The deal can be viewed by following this link.