Saturday, 25 June 2011

Announcement - Cleveland Lines

With Cresston V4 now coming to a close and hopeful of a release sometime towards the end of August, I have been looking for a new "spare time" project to follow it, another freeware route for the community.

Some who know me will be aware that in the early days of RS/RW, I had worked on the route from Darlington to Saltburn, however it never came to fruition for various reasons. Rather than start a new route from somewhere I am not familiar with, it was a no brainer to revisit my local area, a project that I could hit the ground running with that required little external research.

Rather than just build a specific line in the area, I have decided to create a completely new project under the "Cleveland Lines" banner. This means I can release the route in phases, pretty much like Cresston, and gradually add to the route in various directions to cover the whole Cleveland/Teesside/Yorkshire areas.

As with Cresston, this route will be built to the highest standard I can achieve, and will feature a wide array of custom assets. To avoid later confusion, I must stress from the outset that this route will require both the Edinburgh to Glasgow route by Thomson Interactive and also WCML North by Keith Ross/RSC. This enables me to take full advantage of the wide range of assets provided with these routes, allowing me to represent the area in the best way possible.

Screenshots to follow......

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