Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Route Building Pack 01 - Released Tonight

I am pleased to announce that Route Building Pack 01 will be released tonight.

Concentrating on assets for use in modern UK based routes, the pack contains over 175 seperate assets and can be used in any freeware route based on the agreed terms which are provided in the included documentation. An advance of this document (created by OpenDocument - ODT) can be downloaded by clicking this link. This document also outlines the reasoning behind the pack, the future direction of the pack and also provides a comprehensive directory of all items included in the package.


  1. Excellent, Darren. Thanks very much. Looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks mate, hopefully you and others will find it useful. Also, I saw your footbridge request, feel free to pop me a message via my site feedback form about that. If you have reference pictures for what you want, I could maybe add some variations to this pack.

  3. Thanks very much for this DP,nice pack.