Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Portsmouth Direct Line Upgrade - Steam Workshop

I have now uploaded an evaluation version of [DPS] Portsmouth Direct Line to the Steam Workshop for those with early access. Although the original route was always a favourite of mine, I always felt the track was far too bright and was overall starting to fall behind since the advent of occlusion and super-elevation. By no means an extension, the idea is to bring the route a bit more up to date and implement the newer features. The route requires the original PDL and London to Faversham.

One thing I have been unable to do is a complete texture swap but to compensate, I have completely removed the glaringly bright gravel texture which was under the equally bright track. The following changes have been implemented:

Full track swap for the Kent High Speed (LF) variant.

Removal of light ballast texture throughout the route.

Full bridge and tunnel occlusions.

Full swap of near tree and bramble variants.

Super-elevation implemented where possible. Only restrictions are where curves contained junctions/pointwork.

I have specifically left all track and signalling alone. This should allow any scenario previously created for PDL to be copied over to the new route folder.


  1. Replies
    1. Early access is given by way of thanks to those who donate to DPSimulation to help out with site costs etc. Donation buttons are located on this blog and the main website. If anyone does donate and would like early access, then please fill in a contact form on the main website and give me your Steam username.

  2. Hello, Will this be released to the public via steam workshop?
    Also great work!!