Sunday, 2 March 2014

East Coast Class 91 - Released

I am delighted to announce that Daniel Conner (Startours) has kindly allowed me to host his all new East Coast Class 91 reskin. Thankyou Daniel!!

It can be downloaded by following this link.

Please note that along with the normal installation of copying over .geopcdx files for security reasons, an extra step has to be taken in order to remove the Intercity logo from the DVT.

To remove the InterCity logo from the DVT, you will need to open the copied mk4_dvt.GeoPcDx file with RW_Tools. Change the line:

..\..\..\class 91\default\engine\textures\[00]class91_icslogo
..\..\..\class 91\EastCoast_Grey\engine\textures\[00]class91_icslogo

This can be done with RWTools or RWTextEdit. However, make sure that the mk4_dvt.GeoPcDx is not set to 'Read Only' as it won't save if this is the case.

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