Tuesday, 10 June 2014

East Coast Main Line North East - Final Workshop Update Available

I have now uploaded the final ever workshop version of East Coast Main Line: North East but there is an unfortunate twist, nobody will receive an automatic upgrade as it has uploaded as a separate workshop upload. This caused no end of problems by still only downloading the old version of the route, even if subscribed to the new one. This means that everyone who wants the final version must now subscribe to the new version.

The new version still uses the old content folder, so when you subscribe it should automatically update your current version of the route to the final version and add the new trackwork at Tees and York Yards, as well as the extension to Heaton Depot.

An unfortunate side effect is that this now resets all route votes to '0' and means I don't have the requisite amount to make the route final, therefore I cannot upload the opening scenario and others cannot either. May I therefore appeal to you to rate/vote on the route workshop screen, so I can get the required votes as soon as possible and make the route final.

Also, as there are nearly 3500 subscribers that will be expecting an automatic update and won't receive it, many will not see this post so can I also ask you to share this information on any pages/forums that you frequent.

Thanks for your understanding and patience on this, the whole finalisation process has been less than ideal and probably vindicates my reasoning for wanting to move East Coast Main Line: North East development away from it altogether.

The route is located on the workshop page linked below. Alternatively, the workshop is accessible from within Train Simulator 2014.

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