Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Edinburgh to Glasgow – Scenery Extension V4

Although the intention was to move away from the Steam Workshop for the Edinburgh to Glasgow extension and have it as a website based version with custom objects, recent developments have made it very difficult to be able to distribute this in a way that would be acceptable to the original developer, with the workshop being their preferred method of distribution. Therefore, the workshop version has now been updated to implement the latest changes and should download automatically for the near 3000 current subscribers.

Now labelled as V4, this Steam Workshop update features the previously released Stirling scenery extension. In addition, the Shotts line is now fully complete as far as Midcalder Junction. Using a Class 156 on a stopping service, this line now adds an additional 25-30 minutes of driving over the original Edinburgh to Glasgow route. The route is now only 16 miles from Carstairs, a realistically achievable target which would provide another vital route to Train Simulator.

This update is now live on the Steam Workshop and is available for subscription and due to the restrictions of the workshop, the route is only available with simple Quick Drive. For those who receive an automatic update, it may be advantageous to clear the cache from in game in order to make the scenery changes appear.

The workshop page for the route can be found by clicking here.

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