Wednesday, 10 December 2014

DPSimulation Announcement

EU VAT Legislation

Many of you may have recently read about the upcoming changes to VAT on Electronic Services which takes effect on 1st January 2015. As a small vendor providing electronic content, we have still made no decision on how we will proceed after this date, but a decision must be taken soon.

As you will be aware, we offer scenario packs at a very low price in order to fund site development. Once all hosting, shop fees and Paypal deductions are taken into account, the amount made per pack isn't a large one in the current format, and any additional overheads would leave us with two options, to increase prices in order to cover this shortfall, or to remove the packs from sale completely. Either option has a strong probability of restricting future growth at DPSimulation.

Once a decision has been made, I'll provide an update.

DPSimulation – Repaint Use

Due to the rapid expansion of the DPSimulation website, particularly over the past 12 months, this has seen a massive increase in requests for the use of repaints in payware packs, sometimes numbering 2-3 per week and in particular for repaints created by Richard Fletcher. After discussion with Richard, it has been decided that these requests be discouraged, and no further dialogue will be entered into other than with those that permission was already explicitly given. Likewise, this applies to all repaints created by DPSimulation, requests for repaints by other authors will be passed on to them on a case by case basis.

As Train Simulator becomes more popular and the amount of content increases, many people are now sensing the opportunity to start up a new outfit in order to sell scenarios, often spending time creating these scenarios and using content without permission, only seeking this permission when the pack is ready to be sold. My advice to anyone wishing to sell content is to seek any permission from the outset and certainly before your content is created. Alternatively, if you are wishing to create a successful line of scenario products, either become involved in the repaint process yourself, or bring somebody on board that is willing to do so, don't just assume that freely available content has an allowance of use when you are trying to make money from it.

Early Access

I am no longer accepting submissions for Early Access so if you wish to make a donation in order to help DPSimulation, please don't do this on the condition that you are expecting this access. Despite this non-acceptance, those who currently have access will continue to do so and will see new and updated projects made available in the New Year.

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