Saturday, 31 January 2015

Class 374 Eurostar Repaint

I have now uploaded the latest repaint to the DPSimulation website courtesy of Richard Fletcher.

A repaint of the DB ICE3 EMU, available on Steam, this repaint depicts the Class 374 in Eurostar livery which I believe will start operating out of St Pancras in December.

This repaint has been created specifically as AI traffic on the London to Faversham route, and possible around the St Pancras area on the upcoming London to Bedford route. Although the repaint is fully driveable, the pantograph currently does not raise when in player driven mode and is therefore released purely to populate these routes as AI.

This repaint can be downloaded from the EMU section of Richards page by clicking here.


  1. The train is invisible and I've got the ICE 3 M

  2. The Install.bat donts works correct. You must copy the .geo files from the ICE by hands.