Saturday, 4 April 2015

Posting Direct Links

This is now the final time that I will post on this matter, if it persists then I will have no choice to move all downloads behind an account structure requiring all users to register, completely negating the whole nature of the website which was to provide easy and high speed links to content.

Despite various posts over the last 12 months outlining to users NOT to post direct links to our content, they are still persisting on doing so. If you create a scenario that references free content from our site, please post a link to the page where the repaint resides, NOT a direct link to the content. By doing this you are encouraging users to completely bypass the site and it provides no benefit to you whatsoever, it only hurts us, we rely on users visiting the site.

If you do see people posting these direct links, could you please discourage them from doing so for the reasons stated above, although certain users have been told not to do this, they seemingly have no intention of  making the requested changes, please don't spoil it for everyone else.

To clarify, if your scenario requires a download such as the FTPE Class 350, on your requirements page/readme you must lead the user to the page in question, i.e

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