Saturday, 23 April 2016

Edinburgh to Glasgow Scenery Extension V5.0 - Now Released

I have just uploaded a new version of the Edinburgh to Glasgow scenery extension to the Steam Workshop, those currently subscribed to the route should receive this update automatically.

This new update now includes the full Haymarket to Carstairs section, allowing a link between the ECML and WCML. The route also contains the previously released scenery extensions between Larbert and Stirling, along with the area around South Gyle. Basic Quick Drive is also included to allow the new areas to be explored.

Please note that due to the inability to upload custom objects and the lack of suitable content included with the route, Stirling does not have a platform base, only invisible splines which will allow passenger loading/unloading. Likewise, Carstairs is very basic in it's creation due to the unavailability of custom assets. The same issue exists regarding level crossings which intentionally have gates/lights missing. This is due to no suitable assets being available in the Edinburgh to Glasgow DLC and my unwillingness to require another DLC for minimal gain. 

This will be the final version of the route in it's current guise, and following a cooling period of a few days to make allowance for any issues, the route will then be finalised to allow scenarios on the workshop.

I would also like to dedicate this route to the memory of my mother who passed away on the 12th April. In the days since her death and whilst awaiting the upcoming funeral, Train Simulator has been a release for me and has enabled me to get this route finished. Although it's impossible to take your mind off such a situation completely, being able to concentrate on something else has helped me.

For those not presently subscribed, the route can be found on the Steam Workshop by clicking here.



  1. My commiserations Darren, was in the same place myself in November so I know how you'll have felt these past few weeks.

    So, rest in peace Mrs Porter, look down and smile at your wee boy.


  2. Thanks again Darren once again for your work, a donation will be on its way, they say time is a great healer and thats true, Hope all goes well,

  3. My condolences. I lost my father three years ago - I can understand what you must be going through.

    I'll have a break from Suburban Glasgow for a day or two and download your extension - it looks great.


  4. Thanks for the comments guys.