Wednesday, 28 September 2016

East Coast Mainline: North East - V1.4 Released

Following a challenging 2016 so far, I am pleased to announce that V1.4 of East Coast Mainline: North East is now available for download.

Unfortunately, it still does not include the full extension to Leeds but does include the not
insignificant 17 mile section between York and East Garforth. Following the good progress made last year, this is obviously not where I wanted to be with the route, but following the death of my mother earlier this year, at some point I inexpicably replaced all backups with the files from the workshop version, meaning I lost the majority of work between York and Leeds, along with some other bits and pieces that I had been working on. What has been released today has been an attempt to rescue the project somewhat and it should still prove as a reminder to the vision I still have for this route.

The new 17 mile section features Colton Junction where the ECML diverges towards Doncaster, as well as the stations at Ulleskelf, Church Fenton, Micklefield and East Garforth. Scenery is completed in full throughout and although scenery has been trimmed back in areas where there are cuttings and the surrounding scenery cannot actually be seen, this has no impact on visuals when driving from the cab or from near the train.

As well as the original requirements of the East Coast Main Line (Newcastle to York) and Great Eastern Main Line (London to Ipswich), the route also now requires the AP Station Pack. Although this pack isn't available to download, it is included with a large number of popular routes available on Steam.

The update can be downloaded by following this link.

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  1. Do you know when you will be done with the extension to Saltburn to Middlesbrough?? only asking as i live along that line in Redcar and it would be nice to see what it is like along the line from the driver's eye!! keep up the good work though and sorry about your mum. :(