Sunday, 6 November 2016

Great Northern Repaints Released

I have just uploaded a new set of repaints to the DPSimulation website courtesy of Richard Fletcher.

The first two utilise the Class 365 as included with the ECML - London to Peterborough route and depict the class in FCC and GTR liveries with Great Northern branding.

The other repaint depicts the DTG Class 321 in FCC livery with Great Northern branding.

All of these repaints were created to feature in an upcoming scenario pack from DPSimulation, a big thanks to Richard for agreeing to and putting together these repaints.

This pack can be downloaded from the 'Wagons' section of Richard's page by following this link.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Darren I have to say you are giving a brilliant service to Train Simmers. I have downloaded six of your files being DPS_FP02, ECMLNEV1_4 which I have installed and BTeV1, DPS-FP01, DPS_FP03 and CresstonV4_OBv2 which are downloaded but not as yet installed.

    I am really enjoying the installed scenarios and route extension very much. I am not very experienced with Train Simulation so learning the ropes and at my age 72 it is a hard slog.

    I do intend on making a donation at some point but it will not be until after Christmas which as you know is an expensive time and for a UK pensioner who appear to have one of the lowest pensions in Europe it is quite hard to make ends meet.

    Thanks for doing what you are doing I appreciate the effort that goes into this, one look at changing a consist using the TS2017 interface was enough to make me grimace, took three attempts to get it right.