Friday, 19 May 2017

CW03 - 2016 London Victoria & St Pancras to Faversham (Workshop) - '2016 Era' Scenario Pack Released

I have just uploaded another scenario pack to the DPSimulation website, courtesy of Chris Willis.

This scenario pack is based in the 2016 era, and uses the 2016 London Victoria & St Pancras to Faversham & Sheerness route from the Steam Workshop . The pack contains nine engaging scenarios.

As with all scenario packs at DPSimulation, in order to provide the most realistic experience possible, the requirements list for this pack is quite extensive. The readme can be viewed from the download page, or from within the download package itself.

Although I always endeavour to try and provide support for all content on the DPSimulation website, the fact I have not created this pack means by troubleshooting knowledge will be limited. However, the author has provided an email address within the readme.

This scenario pack can be downloaded from the Free Scenario Packs page by clicking here.


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