Monday, 28 August 2017


Once again, this is something that I hate doing, but i'm often left with little choice but to make an appeal.

We don't ask users to sign up and don't charge for content at DPSimulation and never have any intention of doing so, the resource was created to maintain a free library of Train Simulator content. Although we do receive some donations, it often isn't enough to cover the costs we accrue due to the large amount of content we host and although i'm always happy to make up any shortfall, I'm not always able to do so. 

As ever, if you like the content we create and host or just want to help out, please consider a donation of any amount. Paypal donation buttons can be found on this blog, on the DPSimulation website or via

All donations are very much appreciated and help to maintain the resource for existing and future users. May I also thank those who have donated previously, your support is invaluable and we simply couldn't exist without you.

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