Sunday, 22 October 2017

AP Class 56 Enhancement Pack - Out Now!

This is certainly one worth blogging.....

Armstrong Powerhouse have now released the long awaited Class 56 Enhancement Pack. It includes...

15 liveries
Detailed internal & external audio

Improved and accurate acceleration physics

Prototypical 6-step E70 brake handle

Wheelslip Protection (WSP)

Dynamic exhaust effects

In-cab warning indication lights

3 realistic & engaging scenarios for the DTG West Coast Main Line Over Shap route.

And much more!

The pack can be purchased from Armstrong Powerhouse by following this link

It also requires the Class 56 'Sectors' pack which can either be bought via Steam or via the Amazon link below. Buying via Amazon merely gives you a code to activate on Steam and also earns DPSimulation a small amount of commission which is used towards the upkeep of our own website.

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