Monday, 27 November 2017

DPSimulation - North East England

Following the Twitch live stream and subsequent posting of the above video to Youtube (thankyou to Alan) last night, I thought I would address a couple things i've seen posted in response.

With a working title of North East England, this new route is something we have been working extremely hard on and as outlined in the video, is in an early stage of development and is scheduled for release in summer of 2018 at the earliest.

One thing to note from many responses is to clarify that this is not an extension of East Coast Main Line: North East. Although that route has been extremely popular with over 20,000 downloads/subscriptions over the workshop and website versions, the truth is that it was still effectively a rework of the original Rail Simulator Newcastle to York route and as such was still very inaccurate. Built long before things such as the Google Earth overlay were even conceived, the route was way out of line with real locations and therefore adding extensions or even adding simple things such as newer housing estates were troublesome and difficult. Couple that to a long standing request for super-elevation that was not achievable in the ECMLNE route, it was decided that it was not worth taking the route further.

I therefore decided to create this brand new route using all of the new tools and everything learned over a decade of building routes in Train Simulator and it's various incarnations. This allows me to create a faithfully accurate representation of my local area and use all of the latest tools and techniques available, and is intended to be my Train Simulator swansong.

In the video above, the section shown was between Thirsk and Hartlepool via Darlington, on a diverted Virgin XC service in 1999, meaning a portion of the much requested Durham Coast line has been added. More areas are already complete and will be shown in due course, with new sections being added every few weeks and populated with detailed scenery. Once complete, the route will resemble a large network covering much of the area and will have massive scope for scenarios. I have purposely not added large areas of track and have instead focused on adding core sections and fully completing them before moving on to the next. This means that no matter how far the route develops before release, no areas will be left without scenery and the route will be released in a completed state.

Keep an eye on this blog for more updates over the coming months about the route and be sure to keep an eye on Alan's Youtube and Twitch channels for more route updates and general Train Simulator content.



Northallerton East Junction

Yarm Viaduct




Clarence Road, Hartlepool


  1. No Signal Box at Clarence Road?

    Norton East

    Peter Heppenstall

    1. Hi Peter

      Clarence Road box was removed a couple of months after that picture was taken.



  2. Bloody brilliant, if you need a tester!!!! Been hoping this would happen ever since the Durham East Coast that was WIP ages ago by Mick on UKTS was abandoned. Hope you get all the way, up through Easington, Dawdon, Seaham, Aunderland etc etc to Gateshead completing it!!!!! Excellent, really excellent news

    1. I hope I get there too Andrew, but that coastline is daunting! It is planned though, certainly as far as Sunderland.

    2. Great stuff nate, good luck....just a thought is it set in the video era 1999, or before or current........because you might need to add the station at Horden/Peterlee which is due to be built shortly! :)

    3. The scenario was 1999 or so, the route is modelled around 2013.

  3. Your Train Simulator swansong?

    The route sounds great but a swansong not so.

    1. Given this route occupies me well into next year, it will probably be time to move over to TSW for me. We'll see.

    2. Can I ask a "thick question", TSW? With what tools? Or will you be joining DTG? Thanks.

    3. I'm not joining anyone, i've always been freelance with regards to payware. Stating this is my final TS route is working on the assumption that by the time it's eventually finished, tools may be available for TSW.

    4. Fair point, wasn't having a go, just curious how you were going to create stuff in the future. Anyhoo, really looking forward to this!!!!