Monday, 28 May 2018

Steam Workshop - 1D52 - 0823 Crewe to Chester

I have just released a new scenario on the Steam Workshop. It's just a simple run that I created when I fancied driving the Class 150/2 on North Wales Coastal.

Route: North Wales Coastal
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 25 Minutes Approx
Start Time: 06:21


This morning you are in charge of an early morning Crewe to Chester service using an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150/2 DMU. Traffic is light and it should be a straightforward run.


First open your doors to allow passengers to board before awaiting your departure time of 06:23. You will then run non-stop to Chester where this scenario will end.


Please be aware that there is currently a TSR (temporary speed restriction) on the approach to Crewe Electric TMD. Also, make sure that you do not exceed 75mph, the maximum speed of this service.

Steam Requirements

North Wales Coastal
WCML Trent Valley
Class 150/2 Arriva Trains Wales Pack

To visit the DPSimulation Steam Workshop, please follow this link.

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