Saturday, 30 June 2018

DPSimulation Website - New Additions

Following the recent revamp of the DPSimulation website, i've now added two all new sections that I hope will become useful in time. They are both currently work in progress but will expand rapidly in the coming weeks.

First is the 'DLC Directory' which is designed to eventually document all DLC from around the world. It provides information and screenshots for the relevant products but is also designed to offer alternative places to purchase where applicable in order to enable users to find the cheapest current price. It is also designed to be a hub for related content, so some pages will have recommendations such as a route extension (example), enhancements or scenarios. For Steam DLC it will also have a section where appropriate to outline additional content (example) you receive when buying a particular product, allowing users to potentially get a lot more for their money. The directory will also cover content from the TS Marketplace, after seeing feedback through various forums it is apparent that many people are often unaware of this extra content at the time of release.

Another quirky touch to some of these product pages will be the addition of other related information. As an example, if you visit the Horseshoe Curve page you can also watch the live webcam feed from the location, courtesy of Virtual Railfan. Click here to take a look.

Next we have the 'Timetables' section which is designed to assist in scenario creation. Intended to be a large repository of historic timetables from current and now defunct TOC's, the first batch of files are now live. As retrieving this historic data is a slow and often difficult process, I anticipate it will take time to fully realise the vision I have for this section. However, over the coming weeks I do hope to have timetables in place for every post-privatisation TOC in place that cover nearly 20 years worth of documentation.

Both of the new sections can be found on the top menu of the DPSimulation website by clicking here.

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