Monday, 3 December 2018

Class 143 - Wessex Trains Repaint Pack

That moment when you realise you haven't got a repaint needed for AI, decide to look into creating it and end up going way overboard. The end result is that I have just released an all new repaint pack for Train Simulator.

Utilising the Class 143 DMU that is included with the Arriva Trains Wales DMU Pack from Steam, this repaint pack depicts the class in eleven variations of the Wessex Trains 'Visit Bristol' livery with the various different advertising decals.

I appreciate that the download size (671mb) is fairly large for this pack, although it shouldn't be as much of an issue in 2018 as many take advantage of high download speeds. More advanced users do of course have the option of only installing the particular repaint(s) that they need for an future scenarios that require this pack.

There are also a couple of minor issues as outlined in the readme, but nothing that prevents use in Quick Drive or the scenario editor. It was important for me to get this pack released due to it being needed as AI in upcoming scenario and Quick Drive projects.

This pack can be downloaded from the DPSimulation reskins page by clicking here


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