Friday, 15 February 2019

North East England - Work Continues

Although the next version of the route is still a long way off work is progressing in various forms with the next route extension, the first scenario pack and the first era-specific quick drive all in various stages development.

I'm not going to commit at this early stage to state exactly what will be included in the next version but there will be a whole new range of scenario opportunities as the network expands in different directions. One thing I can confirm is that Middlesbrough will be added due to being missed from the first version along with part of the Bishop Auckland branch as far as Heighington to allow new scenarios to be created in and out of the Hitachi factory at Merchant Park.

With that in mind here is North Road, Darlington with the station sign kit for 2016/17 in place. Although Weardale & Teesdale is already a requirement and does include a full station model for North Road, unfortunately it cannot be used in the modern era.


  1. Great stuff, keep at it, it's much appreciated.

  2. Brilliant, the addition of Middlesbrough is going to open up so many scenario opportunities in the future, keep up the great work.