Saturday, 2 October 2010

Life Is Cruel

Here we are, its Saturday, the rain has finally gone, the sun is out and the head cold seems to have cleared. I should really be out in the garden with the kids but I can't, I have Bristol to Exeter to finish!

I then have another dilemma, I really need to finish this route, there isn't an alternative option, however, I also want to do some work on my challenge route, Cresston needs completely re-arranging due to the big crash, I need to setup a template and arrange plans for my next route and I also want to play Starcraft 2, Football Manager and RFactor!

This brings me to decisions that have to be made when making a route. When the astonishing WCML arrived last week, we found that placing too many assets on a tile can possibly cause problems, especially for those with lower end systems and while they can work around it by lowering the settings, you then arguably reduce the visual quality of the experience. This is where it becomes increasingly difficult for a route builder, especially when you are creating for a publisher that demands the highest of quality and has to provide a product to the audience which will be worth the price paid. In a built up area, what do you do?

1, Do you follow the GARL method, focusing on nearby detail to divert attention from the minimal detail away from the running lines? It's a pretty good method in all honesty, preserving your system and providing the intended driving experience and could be a model to follow for some.

2, Do you just go all out, place all the assets you want and hope for the best? Knowing full well, the route runs fine on your supercomputer, the consumer can either turn their settings down or upgrade their system.

3, Do you provide a mixture? Do a three stage process, keep the track area nice and detailed, have a second layer with more detailed buildings and foliage and then a third background layer, using a variety of large generic assets to fill the area out.

Personally, I would go for number 3, you still get the visual sensation but hopefully maintain the ability to run the route as intended. It would be nice to hear other views on the advantages/pitfalls of route building.

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  1. 2 if it is freeware 3 if it is payware, personly i dont mind, i have one of these supercomputers!