Friday, 8 October 2010

Railworks - UK Buildings Model Pack (Volume 1)

FREE this Friday! The UK Buildings Model Pack (Volume 1) includes a wealth of new building assets for RailWorks users who like to build their own routes, or who simply want to add to the routes they already have. With a British theme, this pack provides you with railway buildings and structures suitable for all RailWorks eras, from pre-nationalisation steam to modern image scenarios and everything in between. The pack includes station building assets such as footbridges, canopies and shelters, steam and diesel refuelling facilities and engine sheds, plus signal boxes, crossings and more besides. Whether you are building a route from scratch or simply wish to personalise existing routes, the UK Buildings Model Pack adds considerably to your choice of assets. Free for all RailWorks users, the UK Buildings Model Pack Vol.1 is out this Friday.

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