Monday, 8 November 2010

Bristol to Exeter - Jorvik Explorer II - Part 2

Part 2 - Weston-super-Mare to Bristol Temple Meads

After a short stop in Weston-super-Mare, the Jorvik Explorer II departs the historic station.

And then rejoins the main line at Worle Junction.

Starting to regain speed, we pass North Somerset Courthouse.

Passing through the countryside near Worle.

Traffic waits as we thunder past.

1C11 passes at full line speed en route to Plymouth.

Approaching the loops at Yatton.

Thundering through Yatton station.

This shot was caught late, as we pass 2C61 which has just departed Nailsea & Backwell.

Getting ever closer to Bristol now, still no sign of the sky clearing.

Although it does seem to be brightening up behind as we pass Flax Bourton.

Easing down now as we round the curve towards Parson Street.

And Parson Street itself, where we get the advance warning for the 25mph approaches in Temple Meads.

Getting ever nearer, we now start getting checked for BTM.

Passing through the rarely used Bedminster.

Time to apply the brakes and prepare to stop, we are either going to be held or sent over into another platform.

And we are to be held, it was all going so well.

After a relatively short wait, we now approach the magnificent shed at BTM.

And arriving into Bristol Temple Meads where the train will then proceed on to York.

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