Monday, 8 November 2010

Bristol to Exeter - Jorvik Explorer II

It's not very often I go into story mode with my screenshots but I thought I would today featuring the Jorvik Explorer 2 railtour from Taunton to York.

Part 1 - Taunton to Weston-super-Mare

The railtour prepares to depart a cloudy Taunton at 05:45 on Saturday 31st October 2010.

Taking in the view as we depart.

The Class 37's now start to open up as we pass Taunton RFC.

Passing the Boat & Anchor Inn on the outskirts of Bridgwater.

If anyone did plan a lie in, the roar of English Electric through Bridgwater has destroyed those hopes.

Passing the industrial areas on the way out of Bridgwater.

We pass 2C42 on an early morning service to Penzance.

More people who won't be getting much undisturbed sleep this morning!

An early morning rambler patiently waits at the railway crossing adjacent to Edithmead Caravan Park.

Taking in more scenery as we start to ready ourselves for the approach to Weston-Super-Mare

Despite the Class 37 now easing off, road traffic is still no match for the main line.

We are then checked for the approach to Uphill Junction.

Now given the road onto the single line loop into Weston-super-Mare, the driver opens up into Uphill Junction.

And here we are, the first calling point, Weston-Super-Mare where we have had a good run down and arrived bang on time.

Part 2 to follow.

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