Friday, 25 November 2011

AP23: Portsmouth Direct Scenario Pack - Railworks 3

Armstrong Powerhouse have just released their latest scenario pack for TS2012, this time featuring Slam Door stock on the Portsmouth Direct route. The following is taken from their website where more information can also be found.

Armstrong Powerhouse presents a scenario pack for the excellent Portsmouth Direct route and more specifically, the class 421 slam-door electric multiple unit. This pack contains six scenarios which focus on when these units were operating in the post-privatisation era between 1997 and 2005. These scenarios really will immerse you and take you back to this period with the help of two new liveries for the class 421 (Connex & South West Trains) and one new livery for the class 455 (South West Trains). On top of this, projected light from the headlight has been added to the class 421 liveries so as to improve night-time driving.

In these scenarios, we've strived for realism in all areas. For example, each scenario uses the timetable of its relevant year to create an as realistic experience as possible. As well as this, all have their time of leaving, origin and destination so you can see which train is which!

Each scenario has been made to try and be as interesting as possible whilst retaining realism.

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