Thursday, 24 November 2011

Class 33 Locomotive (RSC) Out Now! - Railworks 3

The Class 33 locomotive (RSC) has this evening been released via Steam.

The following is taken from the website.

Out now! The Class 33 (or ‘Crompton’ as it is popularly known) is a classic British Rail Southern Region diesel locomotive which first appeared in 1960 in the south east. The first British Rail locomotives to be fitted with a modern electric train heating system, the 33 quickly spread across the whole Southern Region and could occasionally be seen much further afield, mostly running passenger services but also turning its hand to freight operations. A total of 98 examples were built, fitted with 1,550-horsepower Sulzer engines, and 40 survived in service up to the privatisation of the network and continued working for their new owners, EWS. These have now been withdrawn from service, and a number survive in preservation today. The ‘Crompton’ comes complete with Sea Lion ballast wagons and 7 authentic liveries.

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