Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Update Tonight - Back Up

As an update is due tonight for TS2012, the scaremongerers are out in force as usual at places like UKAS (UKAssumptionSim) and Facebook claiming that it will herald the end of the known world.

Although it is of no help for the tiny minority of users that do experience issues, 99% of people don't have an issue and will be completely unaffected by the update. And despite RSC even providing instructions in their announcements as to how to backup your content, many seem to blatantly ignore it and make amazing claims about how they are being forced to update tonight. You actually have several options.

1, Do nothing and await the end of the known universe.

2, Effectively "fool" Steam by renaming your Railworks install to something such as "RailworksOld" (folder found at: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common), creating a new shortcut for the old version and then do a "Verify Cache" for Railworks. This will create a completely new install, leaving the old version untouched and playable.

3, Merely go offline with Steam for a while and monitor the fallout. If everything seems fine, you can simply go online, if not, follow suggestion 2.

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