Monday, 11 June 2012

Want To Try Railworks For Free?

Thanks to Gary over at UKTS for posting about this, I had forgotten about it completely.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about? Want to see if Railworks will work on your system?** Just want to drive a train for free?

In Christmas 2010, in conjunction with the National Rail Museum released a free Christmas gift in which you could take charge of "Flying Scotsman" on a route using the Railworks 2 platform. As far as I can see, and without installing myself, this gift is still available and can be obtained by clicking here.

** Originally released during Railworks 2 development, this doesn't have the newer features that are in Railworks 3 (TS2012) and the route may not be up to the system demanding standard that newer RW3 routes now require. However, it is a basic (and free) benchmark to take a look and see if you like the platform and whether the base program runs.

The following is taken from the NRM website:
Drive the world-famous Flying Scotsman in the comfort of your own home!

The National Railway Museum and Railworks are proud to bring you this exclusive and ultra-realistic Christmas gift: a FREE train simulator game for your PC where you take the controls of Flying Scotsman. There's no catch: it's a completely free standalone product, our present to you this festive season.

Download it now and guide the iconic loco through a fabulous wintry landscape, following the signals and speed limits just like a real train driver as you drop off and pick up passengers. It's a unique opportunity to see, hear and drive Flying Scotsman ahead of her return to the National Railway Museum in 2011.

Happy Christmas from all of us at the National Railway Museum.

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