Thursday, 12 July 2012

Armstrong Powerhouse - AP27 - London to Brighton Scenario Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse have today released the latest in their line of scenario packs for TS2012, this time concentrated on the recently released London to Brighton route.

More information and details on how to buy this pack can be found by clicking here.

Armstrong Powerhouse presents a scenario pack for the excellent London to Brighton route. Based in the post-privatisation era between 1999 & 2005, these six scenarios represent the time when slam-door electric multiple units could still be seen operating on this busy route. To help in recreating this colourful period, many exclusive, high quality reskins are utilised from Connex/South West Trains Class 421s & 423s to Southern/Connex/South West Trains Class 455s. On top of that, a Gatwick Express Class 47, Mk1 & Mk2 set is included to represent this vital service on the route.

In these scenarios, we've strived for realism in all areas. For example, each scenario uses the timetable of its relevant year to create an as realistic experience as possible which on this busy route, means you will never be stuck for something to look at. As well as this, all services have their time of leaving, origin and destination as their name so you can see which train is which! If all of that wasn't enough, we have also made sure that all slam-door operated services show the correct route code on their front.

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