Thursday, 26 July 2012

DPS PEC01 - Now Released!

It's something that I have been asked about many time, scenarios that are not required to be driven but watched, in a similar vein to that of "spotting" lineside or on a platform end.

Over time, I have often created them for personal use, often just as a way to unwind and fully utilise all of the stock I own, or stock I have reskinned. Following these discussions and requests, I have now decided to package and release them. They cover various routes, in various eras and utilise varying traction which does result in them often being quite payware heavy, however, this is to maximise realism as far as possible. Also, all scenarios are based in strategic locations and follow real timetables, so it should give a picture of what you would see in real life at that location.

The first one is based on the Edinburgh to Glasgow route, and places you lineside at the back of Haymarket Terrace, around 150 yards west of Haymarket Station. Definetely a scenario for passenger enthusiasts, you will see a wide range of services arriving and leaving this busy station as well as the odd empty stock working that runs throughout the day to the nearby depot.

This first scenario can now be downloaded from a new dedicated section of my website by clicking here.

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