Friday, 7 September 2012

Another Announcement!

As if I already didn't have a lack of time on my hands these days to get anything done, this turns up............

Cue another future of sleepless nights and even more expensive Christmases. I cannot even blame it on trying to keep fit during the Olympics, seems this one was done a few weeks before. I'll blame it on the torch relay instead.....


  1. Congrats! Looks like you will have a post similar to mine in the near future:

  2. Congrats I'm soon to become a dad next month once she's stop kicking the living sh*t out off mummy


  3. Darren Congrats m8 !!!!

    At least the sleepless nights will come in useful ;) I got a feeling your productivity about to increase :)

  4. How did that happen then ... I never really worked it out.

    Congratulations Darren


  5. Thanks guys.

    I've been consulting the manual Geoff, the instructions weren't that clear and I must have got a step wrong along the way.

  6. Did the hospital monitor freeze and you get a SBHH ??

    All the best to you and your good Lady, anyway, Darren.

    Cheerz. Transport Steve.

  7. Congratulations Darren and Mrs Darren !!