Friday, 21 September 2012

Train Simulator 2013 - Gradient Smoothing

Following the release of Train Simulator 2013 and with the dust settling for many, I thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the features now available for route builders. We all know about some of the fantastic improvements made with regards to optimisation of the game engine, with many seeing a quite dramatic leap in fps. However, what do we now have in the route editor? Well, quite a lot actually so we will start with the first one.........

Gradient Smoothing Tool

A feature long requested by route builders in previous versions of Railworks and TS, the gradient smoothing tool is a welcome addition which enables you to automatically smooth sections of track (and other lofts). Previously, this was done by either calculating several transitions between a gradient or the more painstaking method of splitting, manipulating and welding sections of track.

Here, we have a section of track which has been laid in two sections, one at a level gradient and the next at 1 in 45 which makes quite a severe kink in the track as can be seen. Since the advent of TS2012 and the inclusion of SuperElevation and Track Rumble, these differences in elevation are more noticeable than ever.

The new gradient smoothing tool allows us to iron out this kink and give a much more enjoyable ride. First, use the track selection tool (Fig 1) to select the track both either side (Fig 2) and through the kink in the track. Once selected, you can use the new gradient smoothing button (Fig 3) which will automatically smooth the section.

Fig 1

Fig 2
Fig 3

 As you can see from the screenshot below, the track now has a new profile, much smoother than before. An excellent feature given how long this sort of thing would have taken to achieve in earlier versions of the program.

One further note is that this tool is not limited to track, it should work on any lofted structure whether that be roads, bridges and fences etc.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this feature for us route builders

  2. No worries. Done another two posts as well, hopefully some interesting stuff for you guys.

  3. Thanks for highlighting these features; proof surely that do listen to what their customers want

  4. Thanks Darren, if only I'd waited for TS2013, I just did a very steeply partially curved crossover which was complicated and the gradient smoother would have made my life much easier :D

  5. Thanks for this sharing the info on this feature and the other two, Darren.