Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cresston V4OB v2 - Released

I am pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Cresston V4 "Open Beta", version 2. The route can be downloaded by following this link. Please take the time to read the included documentation.

The route now has scenery added between Lidmonton and Crickfield as well as the addition of the Crickfield Dock branch of which nothing was included in previous versions. It's worth noting that much of the scenery has been placed with a "drivers eye view" in mind, especially around the more dense areas. As the route is now as big as it is, I am taking steps like this to ensure it will still run well on lower end systems. Unless you want to fly 250m in the air, this should have no effect on your enjoyment of the route from both the cab and immediate view from the train.

One solitary scenario has been included, as before with no AI interaction it is purely a vehicle for the user to explore the newly completed areas. This scenario uses the Class 156 DMU which is available from the Steam Store here. I can appreciate that users probably require and expect more scenarios with a release, but as these updates are in beta form, larger and more interactive scenarios are planned further down the line.

As of the release this evening, it will be available from the solitary link provided above. As Cresston has evolved, the route has become very popular and recent releases have seen the download become unavailable for short periods. If this occurs, please be patient, it will work at some point.

External Requirements:

WCML North (Steam Store)  -  Click Here
AP Station Pack - Click Here

Now the confusing bit. As the route was also conceived pre-TS2013, it requires both the EU and US legacy asset packs. If you purchased any previous incarnations of Train Simulator/Railworks before 21/09/2012, you will already own these. For purchases of TS2013 beyond then, these files are not included. However, they are also included as part of the WCML North package, which as a main requirement means that if you intend to use this route, you will have what you need anyway.

In addition to the agreed inclusion of third party objects (detailed in the readme) the pack also now includes my own RBP01 (Route Building Pack 01).


  1. Nice work and as always 100% satisfaction,coming along Nicely!!!!..

  2. Many thanks for your latest version, Darren, it plays superbly well and gives us such a variety of things to do, it's marvellous.

    Cheerz. Transport Steve.

  3. I agree with the previous posts. The introductory scenario gives a good feel for the route. It runs extremely smoothly and the scope for all sorts of scenarios is brilliant. Thanks very much.