Thursday, 7 March 2013

Donations Now Working - My Apologies

I am posting this for everyone to see as I cannot possibly reply to each and every email I have received regarding donations.

Because I don't class donations as a priority, they are of course much appreciated when they happen, I had not noticed that ever since introducing the donate button on both this blog and my website that I had not taken the verification step and therefore donations were being returned.

On reviewing, there must have been over 100 donations that have been returned, from many kind and generous people in the community and I can only apologise to all of those concerned, you must have seen me as very ungrateful to have returned your kind pledges.

I have now fixed this issue, so any future donations will go through as normal and as stated previously, all are used to pay for website fees, server costs and research materials to enable me to provide further free content and keep downloads free and at a high speed.

Once again, apologies to all of those who kindly donated, I didn't purposely return them and am truly grateful for your support.

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