Saturday, 18 May 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans

The content conveyor belt just keeps on giving!  Courtesy of Malcolm (malkymackay) comes another fantastic wagon for Train Simulator 2013, this time a set of CXV BR 11t Gunpowder Vans. It can be downloaded by following this link.

Here is some background information, as given by Malcolm in the documentation...

The design of covered vans for the conveyance of Gunpowder & other explosives was proscribed by the RCH, so examples from at least the 1920's onwards are all pretty similar. BR added to the existing wagons, with what was essentially the GWR design, with the introduction of Diagram 1/260 in 1953. Swindon built 2 lots of 20 wagons that year, with Lancing producing a further 25 in 1954. These wagons were on a 16ft 6in chassis, with a 9ft wheelbase and were constructed with handbrakes only. 1955 saw Swindon produce 35 more, this time with Vacuum brakes, with another 20 the following year. Most of the unfitted examples gained Vacuum brake equipment at some point, in line with the ideals of the 1955 Modernisation plan to eliminate unfitted vehicles.
Diagram 1/261 was introduced in 1958, the only major difference being the adoption of a 10ft wheelbase. Swindon built 15 that year, with the final 25 the following year.

I have chosen to represent them in early 60's condition, with a somewhat used appearance.

These wagons are presented in seperate empty & loaded versions, as the braking force is quite different between the two states. An empty van has 62.5% of the 8ton tare weight available as braking force, while this drops to nearly 25% for a fully loaded 19t gross weight example.

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