Sunday, 9 June 2013

Books and DVD's For Sale

I have decided to make available a small amount of railway related material, from cab ride DVD's to books, all at knockdown prices. All are used, but in good condition. All proceeds will go to the usual fund for running the website and will show in the target progress bar.

If you are interested in any of what is listed below (more may be added) then send me a contact feedback form via the website, or reply to this blog post and I can reserve it for you and remove it from the list. Payment can then just be made as a normal donation on the right.

I have put a link to the right of each item so you can view the product in question and see the price they would normally cost.

DVD - All Priced at £5 - Free P&P

Railway Recollections No. 51 Only (Not Return Journey)- Middlesbrough to Whitby Cab Ride   Link

Software - All Priced at £5 - Free P&P

Bristol to Exeter - RW/TS2013 Boxed With Manual     Link

Books/Reference - All Priced at £5 - Free P&P

Quail Track Diagram 2 - Eastern     Link

Rail Atlas Great Britain & Ireland - SK Baker        Link
BackTrack Magazine - Vol 5 No.6 - Nov Dec 1991 - VERY RARE     Link

Books Reference - Pick 2 for £5

Freightmaster - No 57 - April Jun 2010    Link
Freightmaster - No 58 - Jul Sept 2010      Link
Freightmaster - No.68 - Jan - Mar 2013   Link
Freightmaster  - No.66 - Jul - Sept 2013   Link
Freightmaster - No 65  -  Apr - Jun 2012    Link



  1. Hi Darren, I would be really interested in the Flying Scotsman & Vintage Cab Ride DVD's and the ECML Line by Line. Payday is Tuesday, if that's ok with you.

  2. Yes mate, I'll put them aside.

  3. As it turns out, I have two Line By Lines, so I can keep one up.