Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Train Simulator 2013 - Video Tutorials

There are now twelve new video tutorials on the DPSimulation website (via youtube) which are designed to help both newer and experienced users.

They cover various aspects of route building, bug fixes and scenario creation, many of them in response to questions that regularly appear on forums or through my website inbox. They are as follows with the relevant link embedded. They can also be viewed via the DPSimulation website by clicking here.

How To "Add Stock To A Scenario"
How To "Clear The Cache"
How To "Fix The Errant Buffers On WCML North"
How To "Fly Quickly Between Areas"
How To "Reset To Ground Level"
How To "Create & Save A Consist"
How To "Use The Offset Tool"
How To "Create A Simple But Rendered Crossover"
How To "Smooth A Gradient"
How To "Snap Lofts To Terrain"
How To "Unlock A Route"
How To "Download A Workshop Scenario"

If you regularly frequent forums and see any of the above questions asked, feel free to send the user to the relevant video.

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